Back from The Sea of Cortez

Hey everyone! As much as I’ve missed my social media networks, texting and Internet it was wonderful to be away from it for a while. The company I kept was of course the best part of it all. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends! We stayed on a beautiful yacht and explored the Sea of Cortez and several of its uninhabited islands (well by people anyways) the beautiful creatures of the sea are amazing! We took out a smaller boat and went through all the caves and also went snorkeling in several areas.


There was an area of rocks that the sea lions had deemed theirs, they are so MASSIVE! It took the captain of the boat reassuring me several times that I was pretty safe to swim with them before I dove in. For them being such cute big fat asses, they are so graceful and beautiful underwater.

Sea Lions

I was very intimidated by their size at first but the more they swam around me and next to me it all became very peaceful and surreal. I can honestly say that it was one of best experiences of my entire life. I’ve never been scuba diving and hope to get my license soon then I’ll feel even more free to roam the sea. I just wanted to hug the sea lions. They are just so damn cute! Also in the cave we seen these amazing crabs. I am not kidding you when I say I seen a crab up on the ledge that was every color of the rainbow. He was so brightly colored and just perfect it looked like someone hand painted him! His stance on the ledge was hilarious too! He just had his crab legs all perfectly aligned and was facing straight towards us. He was like, ” Oh yeah I know… I’m the hot crab man! Lemme pose for the pictures!”

Riding The Wave Runner

I went riding on the wave runners every chance I got. Lemme tell ya, those things are a lot more challenging in the ocean than on a lake. These had massive TORQUE too! I was riding those waves though and I won! (considering I still have all my limbs and wasn’t swallowed by the ocean!) The thing went up to like 70mph although I was only brave enough to take it to 60. After all of the days on the yacht, which also included great vegan food (compliments of our chief), some girl on girl hot top action, laying out and just enjoying the ocean we jetted off to Cabo.

Lounging On The Yacht

I sat as co-pilot as usual, I love it up there! We had a great time witht the whole night scene at Cabo Wabo. It’s fun to watch other people drunk when you’re completely sober! Haha.

Well, I’m home now. About to purchase a cute new little Lexus, I’ll let ya know which one I get. Nothing too fancy, just something to get me from point A to point B.

I am laying in bed right now typing this on my phone and Dr.Sniffles is
curled up on top of me what a doll!

April made sure to it that I had crisp clean sheets to come home too. Ahh my own bed feels SO good! I LOVE flannel! It’s the most comfortable fabric in the world to me.

I’m back to hard core diet and exercise again. I’m going to eat nothing but raw fruits nuts and vegetables. Also run like crazy on the treadmill (it’s about time I use a gym I built in my house!) I’m 124 and my goal is 105. I will be there September 5th.

Well, that’s my life right now! The positives anyways. I won’t air my dirty laundry, just the clean ones

Kisses to you all!

Bree Olson

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