Dancing in Sacramento!

Come see me! I am dancing tomorrow night through Saturday night! The show will be at Gold Club Centerfolds in Rancho Cordova, CA near Sacramento. I promise to be make a lot of men VERY happy!

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6 Responses to Dancing in Sacramento!

  1. Roger says:

    I’m bit far that place but I’ll wish to be there, Wow see you on live after to see your films….:)

  2. Roger says:

    I’m from Peru..:)

  3. brian says:

    Picked up a newspaper to chill in this hotel room when i see that bree olson is performing about 3 miles from where i’m at. I can’t miss the opportunity to meet one of my all time favorites!! I promise to be polite even though inside i’ll be thinking not so polite thoughts.

  4. Hunter says:

    I think you are so sexy, I wanna fuck u so bad, just watching you makes me have an hour long erection. I can meet you in Houston, at 1014 brackenford road. Prepare.

  5. B Dawg says:

    i live in phoenix arizona and you are very sexy and i would love to hook up with you. would you ever do that?

  6. Hunter says:

    I just want to cum you in the face and make you my slave. I wanna feel your pussy against my dick and say that I want you so bad to eat my dick

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