Euthanizing Animals

I was at the JFK airport today and I was disdainfully watching CNN
(yuck) and they finally decided to take a break from discussing the Olympics for hours on end (must not be anything interesting going on in the world) to talk about something that happened at an animal shelter.
A woman’s dog got loose and was taken to the animal shelter. She went to go pick it up the next day and they had accidentally euthanized the wrong dog. So her dog is now dead. I couldn’t help but to start crying right there in the airport because that is just one of the most horrendous things I could imagine happening to my pet or any animal for that matter. It’s been on my mind all day. Not only that but also the fact of euthanizing in and of itself.
What gives us as humans the right to kill other living things? Why doesn’t anyone give a shit? Why isn’t this illegal. And WHY THE FUCK ARE MORONS BUYING ANIMALS FROM BREEDERS!!!!??? Thousands of animals are killed every day. They are euthanized and then put in a pile. Huge piles of dead cats, dogs and o ther animals as well. Then they incinerate them. Why doesn’t anyone care? Why isn’t this issue more prominent? I donate often to the SPCA and I got my cat spayed. I also didn’t purchase her and she is no specific breed. I’ve done what I can to help the situation. I someday hope to be able to donate a large building to the SPCA so that they can house more animals. So I’m doing my part. What can you do? As Bob Barker said, Spay and Neuter your pets! Also don’t support breeders. Go save an innocent little animal that’s about to be killed! For everyone that has bought an animal from a pet store or breeder you killed an animal. Just take time out to think about that for a minute. Also there are places all over the US that offer FREE Spaying and Neutering. You can contact your local SPCA or animal shelter to find out all the information you need for that.
There are murderers that don’t even get the injection but innocent animals do. We are in one fucked up world people.

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8 Responses to Euthanizing Animals

  1. CZ says:

    Its nice of you to take the time to write something like this and share it with your fans. It’s heartbreaking to see little animals suffer because people are thoughtless.

  2. Robert says:

    My two cats were adopted from a local shelter. Both have been spay/neutered. I understand your frustration with the whole process. I too donate to many animal organizations and support their overall goals. The biggest problem with pet overall population (especially with cats and dogs) are the number of irresponsible owners who don’t take the time or effort to spay/neuter their cat/dog. If more people would do this, it would go a long way lessening the situation.

  3. Jane says:

    It is upsetting that animals are put top sleep daily. I adopted my Lab from the pound and my Shepherd from a rescue group. I have also fostered several dogs in my house. People really need to Spay and Neuter their pets. People are the real problem. not the poor animals.

  4. chris says:

    It’s not right to euthanize somebody’s else animals that the know that the person is coming to pick up.the only time it is right to do this is if the animal is in falling health.I fell sorry for the women and family for there lost it’s just not right.

  5. Daz says:

    Good post Bree :)

    We have the same problem here in the UK, far too many irresponsible pet owners around.

  6. Thomas says:

    You know, it seems strange to think of animal shelters that essentially work like concentration camps. And I’m saying that as a German! In my country, shelters are not permitted to kill animals. Pets that have been found on the street or been brought to the shelter because their owners cannot care for them any more are allowed, if they don’t get adopted, to live out their lives at the shelter until the day of their natural death. It puts a great financial burden on the shelters here, and none of them is supported by the state. They all exist purely on the basis of private donations.

  7. Blanco says:

    High Bree!
    Yesterday night a good friend invited me to the “Venus” in Berlin,it was about 10 ,when I saw you.
    You seemed to be so tired and a little bit depressed,that I decided to let you in “peace” and rest…:)
    On the parking place I nearly walked in you….again especially you seemed to be really tired.
    And again I decided….Now I read this here and I hope to see you again in Berlin.You are a fine,intellegent and sensitive lady and now you have two great fans here….
    my best friends and comrades:my dogs.
    Would like to send you a picture to christmas….
    Stay cool and brave,little Lady!This good old world needs support!From people like you.

    I forbid smoking in the area of my dogs…
    Hugs and Love Blanco

  8. Blanco says:

    Did I mention…
    the dogs are found…and I have a small organisation to help homeless dogs. :) Blanco

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