I won Twistys Treat of the Year Contest! I bet you guys are glad its over so I am not bugging you to vote for me anymore! I assure you I have never worked so hard to promote anything in my life! Sure the 10k and the Rolex were the original motivation to try so hard to win… but after working that hard I feel that I worked for it more than winning it! LOL No… the motivation behind this was competition. If I know I have a shot at something I will not give up. I am in LA right now but as soon as I get back to Indiana my local SPCA will be getting a nice size check from me. As I promised, I will be donating a portion of my winnings to them.

This blog wasn’t so much to tell you about me winning. I’m writing this blog to tell you how thankful I am to have such dedicated fans and friends such as yourselves that voted. To every person that voted… thank you so much. I love you guys so much and enjoy chatting with all of you whenever I get a chance to.

Special thanks to:

Howard Stern and everyone at the Howard Stern Show

Opie and Anthony and everyone on their show including Jimmy Norton

Chris at FoxxxModeling .com

Drew at DrunkenStepfather.com

Glen at MeanBitches.com

My Adam and Eve Family and all associates

All the other radio stations that are too numerous to name

My beautiful assistant April and my good friend Corry

And of course Eva Angelina which is the lovely young lady that came 2nd place in this competition. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have had to work so hard! Lol she gave me competition to work with! Thanks for being such a great sport Eva. Remember the pact we made in Miami? We succeeded! (wink)

Most of all I’d like to thank all of my MySpace, Facebook and Twitter friends and BreeOlson.com members because that’s where most of these votes came from and even though it was a pain to vote everyday over such a long period of time ya still did it and I love you for that!


Bree Olson


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  1. excited09 says:

    No problem. Voting was a pleasure. I looked forward to it everyday. You being my favorite I was bound and determined to do my part in helping You win. Heck, now that’s over I feel like something is missing in my life. I’m gettin’ over it. It was lots of fun and I’m glad to see my efforts and all Your fans and friends went to bat for you. Really glad to hear of the donation Your giving to SPCA. Hope they were in on the voting. I’m sure Your tired of pushing to win but when is the nest contest? Just kidding. Thanks for allowing all of us to be involved. Now eat some peperoni and get 3 days of sleep and call me and well see how well everything is going. lol

  2. Tony says:

    glad you won, voted for you. will you be at the scene at the end of june? i missed you at harems on my birthday when you were sick. busy weekend but i’ll try to make it if you are there

  3. Andrew says:

    Congratulations on your win, Bree! You truly deserved it! :)

  4. Willy Pierce says:

    Congrats on the contest, you are the most Beautiful girl i have ever met and you deserve all the wonderfull things that happen to you. I am enjoying your website very much and can’t wait for your new movie to come out so i can add it to my collection!! i wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon. Have fun doing what you do. I know i have fun when i watch you!! You are one hot and Sexy woman. LUV YA!!


  5. ukrainian says:

    were your parents or grandparents supportive at all with your choice to go into this “field of work”?

  6. Wilson Palacios Alvarez says:

    Hello Bree, I am colombian and i like your job, you are a wonderfull woman, i send a kiss and i hope you answer.

  7. Wei Chen says:

    Hi, Ive got no problems with voting for you for any awards, I was lucky enuff to meet you at the past Erotica LA, I was about 5th in line, I was wearing a blue phat farm shirt and blue bkball shorts, I know youre always nice and generous with your fans, and I appreciate your time. I wish you had won some awards at FAME, but theres always next year, I got to chat with a while back and am following you on myspace, twitter, and your site which is one of the best Ive ever seen. OMG cant wait to meet you in person again, maybe when youre feature dancing, Im definitely looking to buy whatever dvds or mags or photos, and posters of your hot bod and always smiling face. Thanks as always

  8. olprv says:

    Hi Bree,
    congratulations you certainly deserve it!

    First time I saw you, was the scene with christmas ligts etc., which I found out later was your favorite – amazing! You surely stand out among pretty much the rest of the girls in branch. I liked the scene (I haven´t found anything about you I wouldn´t like, yet :-) , but the thing that ultimately got me was your cooking. I´ve fallen for you ;-)

    Regarding your submissive part, do you know guys from Kink.com? I am not sure if you would like to take part in what they do, or if your contracts allow that, but they are very professional, e.g. they have adorable work security and social policy published on their website and I though you may be interested.

    Keep your cuteness!

    Wish you all the best,

    P.S. Wanna know what my ultimate twisted fantasy is? You, doing me a bypass surgery – my heart in your hands. Pretty sick, huh :-)

  9. Robert says:

    Congratulations – it was my pleasure to vote for you!

  10. Bryan says:

    Glad for ya. I voted a few times ;-)

    I first heard you on Opie and Anthony. You were awesome as a person and it was great to hear a girl in the industry who doesn’t act ashamed when the boys try to bring up their profession.

    When you’re ready to settle down I’ll be ready :D

    A boy can dream, right?

  11. jonson says:

    please send your picture or video to my mail,I like bree olson

  12. Arethez says:

    I vote 4 you , mwah . . . At twistys may be ! Thanks bree.

  13. Arethez says:

    In like with you yeah

  14. Arethez says:

    My email fxzr33@gmail.com and dnt spam yeah , wait you to msg me !

  15. efrain says:

    congratulation mamacita…..you are one of my favorite women, and i can only say VIVA BREE OLSON!!!!!! I send you a lot of kisses……….Felicidades

  16. Odiseo says:


  17. I love to read all the great awards you get.They are all well deserved,you always seam to be haveing a great time no matter what you are put up to or on too.I love that about you and that is why you are tops on my short list of all time favs in the Industry.And I so want to cook for, Alll Of You, to allow me to give back what I can do with food for all the enjoyment you have all let me watch you have.Stay safe and happy.Chef JamesE.Schuck

  18. Tim Wolfe says:

    I put this comment on your Facebook page, but it doesn’t look like you use that. Maybe you won’t see it here, either, but here goes:

    There were three megastars in the adult industry: Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, and Jenna Jameson. You are the fourth. Good luck in all you do.

  19. kilou says:

    hey congratulation !!!!
    just a question, when are you goin’ to visit us in one of the most beautifil city of the wolrd : Paris
    the eiffel tower would love to see you ^^
    a french fan ^^

  20. k says:

    gratz, just from the number of girls on that site seems like it would awfully hard. sorry, didn’t get to vote for you, didn’t even know who you were until i saw that pgporn thing (don’t watch alot of porn). just wanted to say herro and keep up the good work, hope you do some more random acting stuff it was cool.

  21. Anthony says:

    I think that you are one of the beautifulist young lady that I have ever seen There are allot of pretty woemn out there but not to many beauitful. Just curious. How could someone meet up with you? I live in Virgini. Are you planning on anything over here. If so when? Is there a way to get a date with you?

    Love Ya,

  22. Chad says:

    I am amazed by your beauty, sexiness, sweet personality and you seem to have a wonderful heart… I wish we could chat through email and get to know each other… I could be a great friend for you. I’m a good listener too! :-)
    Peace and blessings,

  23. Chad says:

    you should email at least a Hello…. to me at cooleyez33@yahoo.com… I can PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE that you would NOT be disappointed and would be VERY VERY VERY glad you did. Soon…..

  24. AzGuy says:

    Hey Congrats !

  25. Bree,

    I am a huge fan and enjoy your work. My friend and I were hoping that you could send us a great cleavage shot to post on our website.

    We love boobies so if you know of anybody else that would like to send us some cleavage shots then please let me know.

    The email address is blackandperv@gmail.com!!


  26. Redding says:

    We interviewed Bree for our show and she was awesome. If you want to hear her awesome interview check out http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2189818/highlight/18587

  27. Drg9 says:

    вітаю! You are a nice person bree, is strange to find one like u in that kind of business, u look so natural and sweet, the first time i saw ur name i think u was swedish haha
    I am an european guy and i have east europe blood too ;)
    бувайте! пощастить ( is like that? haha)

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