Hey Guys,

I wanted to Thank You again for all the support. Things are looking great but it is a long Contest and I dont want to let up. Please continue to Vote everyday as this Contest goes until May 31st. Please continue to check out my Calendar to see if I am visiting your city soon. I always love seeing my Members xoxox Bree

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  1. Reggie says:

    Can’t wait to see you in pittsburgh, i really hope i can make it!!

  2. nwotank says:

    I’ll keep voting good luck on the contest

  3. This is a long shot but Bree has become popular on my website and I was wondering if I can get an interview with her or maybe she ca sign up and come chat with the users of my site? It is a site that is mostly sports, but there are other topics discussed as well.

    Here is the latest discussion about her.

  4. jh says:

    Hello Bree,

    Just voted for you. Good Luck.

    Question, do you do bachelor parties?


  5. Derek says:

    Hi name is Derek..i wrote to you awhile back..i had just read your post about your grandma passing and it struck a chord with me because of a close friend who had just died..anyways, i am in a better place now…thought i would check in with you:)….becoming more and more comfortable with the fact that i am bisexual..i hope you have been well! sure look would appear that you are one who will become hotter as you get older..much like Diane Lane..i would love to hear back from you, that would make my day:)..i am sure you are a busy girl so i wont hold my breath…okay, maybe a little breath holding lol..maybe someday you would entertain the idea of talking to me on the phone…words and talk are cheap but i promise you that you wouldnt regret it:)..take care pretty lady..

  6. Derek says:

    ..and holy hell maybe next time i will figure out how to contact you through email instead of revealing things for all to see!..woops lol

  7. Daniel says:

    Hi Bree, you don’t have to worry u are the winner ok? I’m voting for you everyday hhhmmmm, your’re sooo fucking hot baby ur legs, pussy, tits, ass, pretty face love ‘vem all. All for now see ya and take care.

  8. HI BREE I LIKE SOME your movie keep up kevin

  9. Lovely the girl in my dreams, hmm Thanks!

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