What REALLY Happened on Bubba the Love Sponge Show

There are many reports and speculations floating around on what happened on March 23rd of 2009 but only I, Bree Olson know the full story. Not one person was with me every moment of what happened on this day, so here I am giving you a full unbiased scoop of everything you want to know.

About two weeks prior to being on the show I was told I was going to be giving a blind, long time listener of Bubba the Love Sponge Show a hand job. They had inquired about a blowjob as well however that was quickly vetoed. They had even informed my publicist that I could wear a glove if I wanted to. From the first time I was told I was going on the show until the day of when I arrived, this is the impression I was under.

Like the tons of other radio shows I’ve been on this one started out no differently. I wait in the green room, sign my model release, they take an array of pictures of me and then I am sent into the room where they are broadcasting. I begin to chat with the guys on the radio show and there are camera men too of course filming all of us as we have our radio talk show. We speak about my career in the adult film industry and Bubba and I talk about Indiana seeing that we both are from there. After about twenty minutes of the interview they decide to bring in the “blind listener” to introduce us to each other. The moment he walks in I look around the room to see everyone’s reactions. I was expecting them to be laughing and for them to say, “Ha-Ha, we got you Bree! He’s not really blind!” But nobody was. This was when I realized that they actually expected me to believe that this man named Pantera (which sounds like a radio personals name to me, not some average Joe off the streets) was blind. As I’m looking at this man he is wearing Ray Ban sunglasses. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t expect a blind person to be rocking a pair of Ray Bans. He also had a “walking stick” which wasn’t a blind person’s walking stick at all. I’m not exactly sure what it was, whether it was a piece of camera equipment or what not but I assure you it was not a walking stick. After noticing all of these things I tell the guys right on the air that this man is not blind. I kept being a good sport about it and I was smiling and laughing as they try to prove to me that he is blind by throwing soccer balls at his head. Shortly after that they went to a commercial break and I was lead back into the green room with the person I now know as Pantera. In the green room I keep asking him more questions like, “What are you watching on TV?” ,thinking I could trick him. I also asked him what exactly did the doctor say that caused his blindness one year ago. He replied, “I was in a motorcycle accident.” I told him I already know that but what was the exact medical term that caused his blindness. He couldn’t come up with anything and said he was not good at medical terminology. I know that no matter if someone is good at medical terms or not they will remember some when they have went through such a traumatic life altering experience. At this point I start to become upset. They have me take pictures with this man and as I’m taking pictures I can barely hold back the tears in my eyes.

I decide to go outside away from everyone because I do not want them to see me crying. I was so torn and confused about what was going on and I had an office full of people that didn’t have my back. I thought that if I went through with this hand job that they would surely throw out the “tricked the dumb porn girl card”. The only thing that made sense to me then and still makes sense to me now of why they would do that to me is this: They “trick me into thinking this man is blind, I give him a hand job and then they make fun of me the last half of the show of what a dumb whore I am. I had been giving all of this detailed information two weeks prior and leading up to this point so there could be no other explanation.

As I am outside crying people come out and try to talk to me. I just kept my head down as the tears stream down my face. Never in the three years that I have been in the adult industry had I ever had a bad experience. This was my first. I felt helpless and nobody was there to help me. I didn’t say a word to anyone. I just kept quiet. I was just trying to figure out what to do and I was weighing my options. This is when the camera guys come up getting close up shots of me crying. At this point I still haven’t said a word and start walking off their property. I figure that once I am off their property they will leave me alone. At this point I am still weighing my options on what to do. I just wanted to have a moment by myself and get the tears out of my system. I wasn’t allowed that alone time though. The cameras kept on following me and watching every painful tear I shed. My sadness quickly turned to anger. In my head I am thinking, “What kind of sick fucks want to watch a 22 year old girl cry. I wasn’t bothering anyone. I wasn’t even talking, I just had tears rolling down my face.

You know the part in Godfather 1 where they are at the wedding and they take the guys camera, smash it on the ground and throw him some money? That’s exactly what I wanted to do. But I didn’t. I grabbed the camera and held on to it insisting to have the tape that has ten minutes of footage of me crying on it. I didn’t touch the camera man, I just took hold of the camera and said to give me the tape.

C’mon guys…. I’ve been in the business three years. You would have all known long ago if I was some monster woman. Everyone has feelings and everyone has a point where someone has pushed them too far. As I said before in three years I never had anyone treat me the way these people did, and that’s exactly why you seen the reaction they got from me.

They don’t show you the great interview. They don’t show you me crying for ten minutes. All they show you is when I had enough and finally gave them the reaction they were hoping for all along.

Am I proud of what I did? No. I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself. What would I have done differently? Instead of going outside, crying and thinking about coming back in, I should have ran. Ran, before they even had a chance to see which way I went and then I would have called a taxi. Honestly, there was no other way I could have avoided them other to take an extreme measure as that.

For all my fans and for everyone that supports me, thank you very much. I love you guys.

Xoxo Bree Olson


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53 Responses to What REALLY Happened on Bubba the Love Sponge Show

  1. CZ says:

    You don’t have anything to apologize for. The assholes on Bubba kept ripping you for the next two days on their show to try to generate a little more buzz for their pathetic show- guess their ratings must be pretty shitty to keep going on about it like that. At least you got some publicity out of it but I’m not sure it’s going to drive a lot of web site traffic or DVD sales. Maybe any publicity is good which may be why I’m not a PR guru I suppose. I just hope you didn’t pay your PR expert too much for hooking you up with these retards and then leaving you out to dry. I think you deserve a lot more support than you have been given by the people who are paid to have your back. Of course your real fans understand so don’t worry about that. I just hate scumbags who make their living by hurting and humiliating sweet-natured people for no reason other than that they can.

  2. Chris22 says:

    Wow, I must say you held your temper even better than I would’ve done. If that was me in that situation, the cameraman wouldn’t have slept that night without some sort of large plantation inserted painfully but very accurately inside him. I have absolutely no idea who this “Bubba” is, being over here and all, and I suddenly feel blessed for that now. He – in fact most of that establishment – sounds like the sort of person you’d like to meet in a dark alley when you’re in a bad room. And have a baseball bat to hand. Hope you’re feeling better now, sounds like an awful thing to have to go through.

  3. Pablo says:

    Don’t let anyone put u down, i am glad to hear that u are doing better, bubba could go to hell, that is not right how they treated u, i always have ur back no matter what

  4. Keith A says:

    I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. I have know for ages what assclowns these radio hosts are since I’ve been in entertainment for 11 years and know 1st hand how they like to belittle and make guests feel bad. My heart goes out to you and I know you’ll keep being the Bree we know and love. Don’t let this one bad thing ruin your 2009. Rawk on Bree and you rule! We love you and will keep supporting you and if any other fans get the Bubba show in their area (as we do in richmond,va) DO NOT LISTEN TO IT ANYMORE!

  5. OG says:

    As a listener to Howard Stern, I have to say that Bubba and his crew went over the line. Never should any human being be made to feel they are being taken as the fool. Ms. Olson, you have every right to feel as you do. I am ashamed for all men to have a group of third tier radio failures treat any person in this manner. Ms. Olson, if you want to get back at them don’t go on the Stern show anymore and be sure that they know why you are boycotting them. Howard pulls all the strings and Bubba has to answer to him. In fact, all A&E contract stars should boycott Stern as a show of solidarity to you.
    Your side of the story sounds much more plausible. Good luck to you and put this disgraceful stunt out of your mind.

  6. Rafael Kafka says:

    Don’t apologize for anything, sweetheart, we love you here in Brazil and we know how tender, beautiful, smart you are!You just need a better person protecting you and your career.

    Kisses on your heart, we love you a lot!


  7. GmanNJ1033 says:

    To be clear, you have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about because Bubba & his assholes “blind-sided” you with a stupid gag, and then “went in for the kill”, per se, when it backfired and when you were at an emotional disadvantage, i.e. vulnerable, an easy target. It takes “real men” to do what they did and I hope they’re proud of themselves. It’s just not right to do that, whether it’s for ratings for a second-class radio show or in any other kind of situation. When I used to work in patrol I don’t know how many times I’d been to domestic-violence or child-abuse calls where the “man” of the house had abused his wife, girlfriend, kids, etc. As a cop, you can’t take sides but you can’t help but feel like telling the guy, “OK, tough guy, you know how to beat on your pregnant wife – why don’t ya try that on me?”. It just pisses me off, whether it’s five guys beating up one guy, a woman and/or children being abused, or animal-cruelty cases. I listened to the show that day on XM101 only because you were going to be on it. It was the first & last time I listened to Bubba and I couldn’t imagine what had happened between the interview & the incident on the street. I didn’t know you’d been crying in-between. I’d have liked to’ve been there to “have your back”, but that’s just my nature, standing up for someone else. This is why Howard is the “King Of All Media” and the others are just pathetic “wanna-bes”. So, hopefully, you’re feeling better and putting this whole thing behind you. You’re not a “monster-woman” LOL. Bubba’s the monster – in fact, “Bubba” even sounds like a monster’s name LOL. Keep those bright eyes a-smilin’. We guys love you, too!

  8. Jim Brodrick says:

    Hi Bree,
    Jeez, I hope you’re getting over this. There ARE bad people out there and you need to have support from your friends and fans to keep your sanity at times like this.

    I am a brand new fan, but I have read everything I can find about the real you in the past week. From everything I’ve seen you are a really together young woman, especially your post about being a mom in the future.

    I’d like to talk to you about stuff on myspace. Will ask you to be a friend very soon. Keep being who you are.


  9. You know why you’ve not had a bad experience in the industry until now? It’s pretty simple, when you think about it, as most folks in the industry don’t seem to be mean spirited or cruel, using people for their own publicity, while the folks on that show are just that, mean and cruel. They tried to do an underhanded trick and when they got caught for it they focused more on the spin than the humanity of it and it’s their loss. Personally, I don’t plan on having anything to do with that show or those involved in it, so much so that I doubt I’ll ever have a Sirius account, as long as those folk are involved with them.

    You’re a good person, working in a career and industry that she enjoys, and folks like that, who just want to trick and sucker people, don’t seem to get that. You did just fun, even with the losing of your temper you were still on the high ground. It’ll all work out and you just be safe and true to yourself, forget the rest.

    Love ya, darlin’.

  10. Robert says:

    Sadly this is probably not the first time these people have done this to someone. Pity that they keep doing this and, worse yet, have a job. Little minds think little thoughts. Wonder how they would like it if they were humiliated, although they sound like that is not possible. Chin up lovely Bree, you have nothing to apologize for.

  11. Christian says:

    At the end of the day your a beautiful girl and that’s all that matters.Fuck Bubba!
    Love YOU!

  12. Seb says:

    i ‘ve seen the sad vid….no worries at all Bree, at the end, everybody will know what kind of tossers these guys are and how nice and pro you are….
    i never heard ur name before, i’ve seen the vid and check the real story…..u convinced me so much
    all my sympathy and regards from a “i dont watch that much porn” guy but who respect nice person..


  13. Abijah says:

    Thats a pretty low and selfless act on their behalf and you have every right to feel the way you did. For them to lie and trick you like that is pretty fuckin’ disrespectful and they’re the ones who should feel embarrassed and ashamed for themselves… not you bree

  14. Mr.SexyBeast says:

    Those ASSHOLE should stop treating you like that you did something wrong witch you did not. Bree they should not have done that to you at all first your not a dumb blonde & how they got the idea to get you on there show just to mess with you is not cool. You should be happy that you have your friend & family to be there with you to talk to. You should be luck you did not do anything stupid & you should not go there. You got out of there in the right time before it got worst for you.

  15. Nathan says:

    Honestly, you did all you could. You were faced with a horrible situation, and your reactions only proved that you are real. There are so many people out there who take porn stars for granted. It’s a job, of course one that has good benefits, but still a job. Your character, Bree Olson, has always been portrayed as the innocent girl, and I would imagine that the real you is no different. What happened today only proves how special you really are, one that I would be honored to have as a friend. You have my email on here, feel free to hit me up any time you want to vent. This is NOT an attempt at a hookup, just honestly trying to be a friend.

  16. Patrick says:


    You did the right thing because you did not want to be there, bottom line. Remember that in life…the weak will always try to undermine the strong. Stay strong because you will only get stronger~

  17. Gary Phelps says:

    um well bree.. i listened to the entire show that morning and i’m appalled at what you think was going…I have been close to the show for many a year now and (not sticking up for bubba) the rib was on pantara not you. unfortunatly you did not stick around to let that be explained to you. these comment on here are crazy especially from ppl who obviously do not listen t the the show or really have any idea what radio is or what it takes to put on a successful morning show. sorry if you felt as if the joke was on you…i guess you can keep going on other lame, go no-wheres radio shows where they only flirt with taboo subjects and jokes….. my advice? start by contacting them and apoligizing, this will almost surely bring them to do the same and to never speak a word about you again… as i said before, im not stiking up for them, honestly im trying to look to both sides of the fence on this one. btw, your a very beutifull woman, very talented as well. please do keep up the good work and please do not let this experience keep you from coming back to tampa. as for the ppl who have commented above me, trust me, if your the type of person who is a member of a porn site or a fan of porn stars, bubba is the type of radio show that you want to hear. dont believe me? please give it a shot you can stream the show 6-10 am on 102.5thebone.com

  18. Gary Phelps says:

    sorry my typing is terrible!

  19. crazyoney2k says:

    cz is right you have nothing to be sorry for! they should be the ones doing the apologies for making you look bad! they pushed things way to far and for what to gain a few rating and it sickens me that they get a laugh at watching a girl cry!!

  20. Pete Kelly says:

    Bubba is a fat piece of shit. Bree is a cutie.

  21. Glenn says:

    Hey Bree, big fan. I think that radio show was way out of line, and that kind of shit they pull is the same reason I stopped listening to Howard Stern and “Shock Jock” type of radio when I was younger. Those people act a lot like how papparazzi are toward celebrities. just bottom feeders that make money on other peoples emotions and suffering.

    Keep on keepin-on! I’ve been with all types of girls, and known a lot of women in my 23 years, and I can tell you’re a sweet girl (even with all the dirty sex for money, haha). So keep getting those ends and make the most of it, and don’t let them get you down :)

    btw- i’ve been single for like 3 months now, and your bj sounds keep me going…even in this economy…???!!!

  22. Jay B says:

    Watching you walk away all alone made me sad for you. Not because of the radio gig, but because there was nobody at your side defending you. There’s got to be more to life than this.

  23. Jeff Lee says:

    I don’t see the video as a freak out at all. It’s obvious Bree was walking far away trying to be alone and they ran up just to provoke her. I see Bree as someone who wasn’t going to get pushed around by some radio crew. If anything I like Bree even more now because she has the fortitude to stand up to someone who she feels has wronged her. Her reaction was warranted and justified and she comes out looking just fine in the video. I’m from Central Fla. and am not proud of these radio guys. Honestly I’ve heard the name before but have never listened to one second of the radio show.
    I however know Brees work very well and hope she is around for a looooooooooong time.

  24. JMY says:


    I am sorry to hear about this. You seem like a genuinely nice person and you were probably right that they wanted to point to the dumb porno girl. That’s too bad.

    I think you are right in your conclusion that you should just walk (or run) away in the future.

  25. SuperB says:

    Man, that just pisses me off. I never liked Bubba. The name alone is just stupid. I wish I was there to smash the shit out of the camera for ya, Bree! :) From what I can only imagine about the business, I would bet that you might be a rare bird in that you have gone so long without some sort of bad experience of some asshole trying to exploit you in a demeaning way. Now that you’ve experienced it, I hope that you can somehow bring along with you a friend or a professional who can be your advocate and help protect you from this sort of thing, or at least be there to stick up for you and be on your side! I’d totally volunteer my services if it wasn’t for, you know, real life endeavors like work… boring stuff like that. :) Hang in there sweetness and forget that prick. I hope you boycott his show.

  26. Jason says:

    Keep your head up. Insensitive, and assholes exist everywhere. And as they say Karma is a bitch, and now that’s their problem. Now saying this, I hope that’s not the reason you bought a gun (JK). Anyway, with every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. Keep on keeping it real.

  27. Your #1 Fan in Miami says:

    Bree, Bubba and his gang are a bunch of low rent idiots who would chop off their left nut to be with a girl like you. The radio show is the only reason Bubba managed to get that wife of his — Heather with the bolt-on Frankenboobs. They know this, hence they take out their frustrations by heaping abuse on women they consider “easy targets” — i.e. adult entertainers.

    Don’t sweat it. Hope to see you down here in Miami soon!

  28. Terry says:

    Good god! Bubba is a want a be hack piece of crap! You are one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the privalge of chatting with; I’ve heard you on Opie and Anthony and you’ve always been fun and easy going!!! That’s where I first heard of you and have been a fan ever since; it’s obvious this hack is trying to recreate another O & A bit and doesn’t have the chops or the class to pull it off!
    You have nothing to be ashamed of your a lovely human being and they SUCK!
    The best thing Bree is nobody listens to that hack dick head anyway!
    Love ya Bree!!!!!!!!!

  29. jayb says:

    Don’t your Studeo or your staff have a Guest Appearance Agreement that would protect you against people like Bubba. If your interested I can email you an outline that will protect you.
    I’m not an attorney but I know enough to give you an outline. Then you can show it to the Studeo’s attorneys to check it out. It will save you a whole lot of future grief. Let me know. When you’re in the Porn Business your rights are limited. You can’t take shit like this to Court. How in the fuck would that be recieved by a Jury. What happened to you could damage your carreer.

  30. Ron says:

    Bree I feel bad for you in that you had to endure the stupid pranks of another morning “Shock Jock” prank. I am glad you didn’t fall for it and that you walked off, that was the intelligent thing to do. But then for them to follow you and continue to video while you were crying is a loathsome act and they should be ashamed of what they did to you. I have seen you in a couple of mainstream shows – one where you and two other performers organized a fund raiser I believe for needy children and you did the job with enthusiasm and worked very hard to accomplish your goal and you auction was the highlight of the party!. Another you had to make a business presentation selling a new product. As I remember, the execs were most impressed with your effort. What I saw in those two shows was Bree the person and she was kind, caring and considerate of those around her – you are a far better person than those involved in the radio show.
    “The better part of one’s life consists of one’s friendships” Abraham Lincoln

  31. Benny says:

    Yeah the Bubbaz and the Sterns of the world are not much more than lowlifes. Shock talk radio is like a virus. There are times I have trouble even with my beloved Bob and Tom. As much as I love having them in my home town, sometimes I just want to call them and say “Shut up and listen to what you are saying”. Head up girl. Being in porn doesn’t make you dumb. And even a street walker shouldn’t have had to endure that. Much less you. I think you are the tops.

  32. Scott says:

    This “show” recently began broadcasting in south Florida, I have heard of it and realized he was just another Howard Stern want-to-be. Now, Howard is the best so I could never bring myself to listen, the ONE time I tune in just to hear your voice and they pull this shit…it was PATHETIC. They’re reasoning before, during and after was, well… just the stupidist thing I have ever heard. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of. I listened til I was sure you were gone and turned it off. They are just DAMN lucky they are in Tampa not Fort Lauderdale. I hope you come south soon as I would not miss it for the world.

  33. Scooter says:

    I just saw the video from where they followed you. I’m glad i looked into it a bit more. From your actual back story i think you held your temper more than you should have, let alone more than others would have. They are truely nothing but scumbags. I see no reason for you to apologize.

    BTW, i love your work.

  34. Mark says:

    Bree, I came across your web site today, Read this account and am totally disgusted by what you were put thru. I have never spoke with you or met you. have enjoyed your film work and can see how nice you are on film it’s a mirror of your personality the way you interact with everyone with a smile.Unfortunatly every dj jock think they are the next Howard Stern ..you did get out of there, had the presence of mind to know better and left. We the true fan of your work and of your personality are still with you and Do have your Back. I will write a protest letter to the station and Bubba himself letting him know what an asshole he is for this disrespect..a friend… Mark




  36. Steve says:

    Should of taken that pretty new glock with you and put one through the camera!

  37. PW says:

    Dear Ms. Olson,

    I’m really sorry this happened to you. As William S. Burroughs taught us, “Some people are just shits, darling.” I hope you are able to forget about this ugly incident by, oh, let’s say the end of the week.

    All Best Wishes – PW

  38. ryan says:

    I had loved u before I heard you on 93.1 miamis rock station I can’t see you the same anymore noe

  39. paul smith says:

    Im a memeber of Bubba Army and im a fan of Bree!But Bree is totally wrong the way she acted.The apologe that Bree did was fake! Bubba found out the Bree got a Verberal Thrashing by i believe Stormy Danieals she told Bree that you don’t screw Bubba and act like that!I mean If any of you people who are Bashing Bubba and the Crew actually would of listened to the show and saw the clip you might have a different Opnion and not Be Biased!Like me i like both Bubba and Bree and i will say Bree was out of line acting like that!I mean she even said that she didn’t care if Pantera was blind or not that she would fuck him.!And that she wasn’t mad at Bubba and then the next minute she leaves and she Smokes which she Lied about on her Bio saying that she doesn’t Smoke!And all Spiceboy said was Bubba wanted to Apoloize.And She Grapped the Camera for no reason and started saying Give Me That Tape!I mean why was Bree so anxious on getting the Tape? What is she so Embarrassed about that she wanted this tape so much?I mean come on they weren’t doing anything wrong.And also if Bree would of stayed she would of heard that the Prank was on Pantera not Her.But Bubba Show isn’t Crappy and their ratings are good and their on Sirius.If you people didn’t listen to appearance or watched the Video you shouldn’t say anything.And this Patrol Guy saying they beat Bree up!How can you compare this to Child Abuse?They never touched or hit Bree!They were having fun.You can’t compare this to an Abuse or Rape!

  40. Michael says:

    Bree, you should stay away from Bubba the Dung Sponge. I hate that guy and his show. Howard is so much better. I’m listening to you on the show now and you’re always an awesome guest…

  41. Mike says:

    I don’t know you of course, but I’ve always found you to be really sweet and good humored when hearing your appearances on O&A. Seeing the video, it’s the show that should be embarrassed, certainly Bubba, but especially those two neanderthals chasing after you. What a bunch of frat boy-ish creeps.

  42. nwotank says:

    you did great on howard stern, don’t worry about buba nobody listens to that anyway, just put it behind you and keep on keepin on

  43. Jack says:

    I’m glad you gave us some context. I can’t stand these talent-less radio losers. They make their living by being hurtful and humiliating unsuspecting people.
    I don’t blame you for losing your temper that day, and I think you’re handling it well.
    On a side note, I love your work and even though I’m not blind….
    Just kidding ;->

  44. Tony says:

    You are an adult actress and entertainer and they were treating you like a whore. They were wrong, not you.

  45. Dolix says:

    Well, I listened the show and it was definitly made to trick you out. To be honnest I don’t understand these guys. They just disrespect the adult industry and try to break you “on live” to show how bad this industry make people. But it’s just bullshit and when you invite people you treat them good and let them talk.

    Keep being fresh and natural, in the end you have more fun than these fuckers and you make more money.

    Nothing else matters.

  46. Frank says:

    Bree, First Congrats on your AVN 2008 Starlet Award. Second I was shocked at the news release and blog covering the before mentioned story about that “shock jock”. The Best Way to avoid any such repeated embarrassments from happening in the future is to keep all PR Events as a Public Professional Environment and don’t mix interviews with “talent previews.” Don’t say “yes” the the ‘sexual displays’ and you wont get punked again – Your Fans will be behind you on this – or they are not true fans you can count on later in your career.

    You are a dear, & I can completely understand the reaction to someone trying to pull the wool over on you. It is often bad enough to do some of the things you are expected to do – to get some little bit of PR, but jerks who expect on ‘on air freebie’ should be placed last on the list of available places to make an appearance. You teach people how to treat you, by how you allow others to treat you. Don’t let them use you in any degrading way & your fans will always be proud of you.

    In my opinion these guys are trying to jerk you around while you jerk them off of give a free titty fuck. You and your PR Department should put a stop to the “on air sex antics” now ! You are [for gods sake] the 2008 AVN Starlet of the year… your ‘break-in period’ is over, and they should start treating you like a ‘professional’, or find some other ‘babe to fuck with’. It is not so new that the “shock jocks” will do almost anything, that will push the envelope to increase their ratings — using you in this way “should never be allowed to be view as acceptable”, anymore.

    Please tell me {and all of your fans} that this is the last time you will accept an interview that includes any promise for some “on air sexual antics”, even for that old fart Howard Stern. It is my belief that they are just trying to show how; “big and important they are & how little and desperate you are to have them pay attention to you.” Prove them wrong – turn down any such request for your future PR Outings … eventually they will have to come to you with a renewed respect and an understanding that you are as Professional as Tera Patrick and/or any of the other Female PornStars on the “A” List. Keep the ‘porn’ within the ‘industry’ and use the mainstream media for the purpose it was intended.

    You are Great — Never forget you are loved — Keep up your good work — Don’t Put yourself in compromising positions — Remain yourself — &, always remember — you don’ have to apologize to your fans, who are Really Your Fans. No Real Fan Of Bree Olson; expects or wants you to do ‘freebies’ as a means to get exposure for your career. Save your talents for the screen and photo sessions. Nor do We appreciate anyone asking if they can do you if they pay you — that is just the most disrespectful thing any guy or girl could ever ask — ESPECIALLY on Your Own Website.

    Frank in Texas.

  47. David says:

    Hi Bree,

    I can tell you from experience that ANYONE who has a major trauma like that can tell you all the gory details and medical terms.

    I had a spinal cord injury in early 2008 and I know more about all that stuff than I ever wanted to know, more than some of the stupid doctors I now have to see because of lawsuits, etc.

    For whatever it’s worth, I don’t normally surf porn anymore, since nothing works anymore, but I happened on some of your videos on the web and guess what? After 18 months of nothing, boing, a nice hard on. Can’t feel it, can’t do anything with it, didn’t last long, but there it was anyway, so thank you VERY MUCH for a trip down memory lane. Who knows, maybe someday I can do something useful with a hard on again.

    Add therapist to your resume :)

    And for the record, spinal cord injury victims give the BEST head in the world!

  48. Damon says:

    Not to rehash, but unfortunately this is the first I am reading this and I can’t say that I am surprised by what this radio talk show host do. They try to drive people to the breaking point so that they can get their ratings up. Some people think that the way they treat other people is acceptable. I for one am not one of those people. For Bubba and his show to pull that is completely unacceptable! What they did to you is no different in my mind then what Imus said about Rutgers University in the sense of degrading women or people in general for that matter. I am glad you were able to show as much restraint as you did given the situation.
    If you ever need security to go somewhere with you, you just let me know! I am in the midwest and would be more then happy to accompany you if needed.
    Take care girl and don’t waste you time on the people that want to bring you down!

    FYI…great commercial on the Spike Awards last night!!!

  49. yoker says:

    hey bree, that sounds so bad and its pretty unfair.
    i would’ve hugged you, you dont deserve it.

    so hugs & kisses
    from da yoker

  50. Tim says:

    I never even heard about this myself, being an Aussie, but it’s the media. They design everything to go their way. If a cameraman sticks a camera in someones face, its not the media’s fault, its the fault of the ‘monster’ being filmed. It’s a load of krap.
    I hope they felt like big strong men making fun of an emotionally distressed woman. I don’t know a thing about who you really are, but as you said, if you were a monster it would have come out earlier. You may be in the porn industry, which I’m sure a lot of people look down on (when they aren’t secretly watching it), but you’re still human, and still deserve a little respect.

    Good luck in all future endeavors.

  51. DirtySanchezandHisRustyTrombone says:

    Thats pretty fucked-up and it pisses me off…but enough about me. How are you doing with it all? …and keep in mind…you can’t claim responsibility for the bad behavior of others. Anyway…i think I speak for all of us by saying…”Bree….you rock…and we love ya…so just keep on being Bree and they can all go to hell!”

    Love ya…


  52. Marques Wilder says:

    Hey Bree, i really enjoyed meeting you at the Exxxotica expo. I gave you my business card Maxdane Entertainment; I’m a Body guard, performer and fit-mode. love what yo saidthe pix I wouldlhave hotsex with you. I livein Las Vegs an South Florida. can find me on SDC. com screenname maxdane I’m balD BLACK MUSCULAR BUILD, WELL-ENDOWED

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