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I LOVE Myspace!
You never realize how much ya love myspace until you start a facebook page. Facebook is fucked on so many levels I dont know where to begin. I figured well myspace is going so well now its time for me to branch out and start a Facebook page too. Just setting up was a nightmare! At myspace its black and white… add this option, take this away etc… but on Facebook its all gray! The only thing Facebook is good for is if you have just a few close friends. They let you know basically when one of your friends have taken a breath! Its like damn! I dont care if joe blow snowballed mary jane! Which brings me to the next subject! People try to send me green beers, snowballs, pizzas and all kinds of wierd shit! Thank you myspace for making it cut and dry! Leave a comment, leave a message! Its that fucking easy!
Supposedly Harvard Grads made Facebook, well damn, maybe Harvard isnt as great as we all thought if these morons cant even make a functioning website! They make all these annoying things for people to spam your page with but dont even give you an option to disable them!
The set up is all wrong. nothings easy to find and it just looks like a complete mess to me. Fuck you Facebook. Its good to be home Myspace!
Bree Olson

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  1. Paul says:

    I know what you mean, Bree. I have done this and that on myspace, nothing really serious, but I went to setup a Facebook one and it was like, do this and do that…that is all you get. I was like, ok, I thought this was the shit…but it is more shitty than the shit. Then you can’t really look at people’s Facebook page unless you are friends with them. At least on Myspace you can see a little before you have to click on Add Me.

  2. phil says:

    lol you’re too funny sweety! But you should be on here more ;-) Many hugs and kisses, I love facebook, sorry to disagree with you

  3. Trey says:

    I’d have to agree hun ; )….Facebook is a network for the selfish /closed up people who only want themselves and their little circle of friends. It’s fuckin’ retarded, who needs a damn site to tell me who my friends are, who they’re being friends with, and “People I might know…”

    I’ve learned and experienced nothing useful from it, except for people’s depressing/outrages status updates, wall posts. At least on MySpace if they’re not hot like Bree Olson, at least I can listen to the music right? ; ). lol.

    Add me on MySpace? holla!!!

  4. jayb says:

    You are a SUPER PORN STAR. With the deepest respect…lose the fucking still Photographer. Your manager must be more concerned about the cash than about you. Take care of yourself. I’d like to see you around for a very long time.
    Sorry for the loss of your Grandmother.

    PS. There is a trade show in Miami on May 8-10. Vivid is one of the sponsors. I don’t think your in their stable but I don’t know enough about the business. I don’t think you will be there. Hope I’m wrong.
    You mentioned you have a boyfriend. I would have thought it would girl/girl. When I see you in scenes with men I think your acting. But what do I know.

  5. Robert says:

    LOL. This is the first I heard of someone preferring myspace over facebook. You certainly bring a fresh perspective to SO many different areas! Well done, Ms O!!!

  6. D.Davis says:

    Bree you rock. You are rite I don’t have a Facebook I started like you and found out real quik that I Did not understand what to do, so I left and never went back.
    Ihave a Myspace page and you are one of my friends and I love it.

  7. Richie V says:

    Hit me up on myspace… – Nick, Outta Dayton, Ohio

  8. Steven says:

    hahahah, I love just hearing you go off! I haven’t really tried to make Facebook look any different than normal — I only joined because a friend sent me an invite — but I like your very specific criticisms.

    You’re a beautiful, smart girl. I like your writing. Keep it up!

  9. Hey Brea:
    Thanks for being myspace friend and for that awesome comment u left for me. Yes, I agree with you about facebook. I thought I am the only one who feels the same way about them. I never bothered to create a page there cos it is so disorganized and nobody can see ur page unless the person also has a facebook page. I think ur a young woman trying to earn income from adult modeling and I refuse to be judgmental about this. I just want to be contented being ur friend because you have a very good reputation as “the good girl” in myspace. I wish u more success, wealth , good health and happiness. I hope you practice safe sex! (LOL!) Have a great day! I like u!
    BOLO, (The AFRICAN HOT ROD of New York)

  10. Daniel C says:

    I just wanted to say I think your are the best I have ever seen. And most definetly the hottest, i would to be able to chat with you one on one some time. well, if your interested my e-mail is

  11. Sonny says:

    Hi Bree

    What’s your MySpace address because there are lots of Bree Olson on MySpace?!!!

  12. moe says:

    Haha! This is the funniest shit I’ve read in a long time!

  13. Watch says:

    I’m unsure of my own stance on commenting. Sometimes I feel its watch shameless self-promotion for most people, but then at other times I feel watch somewhat guilty for consuming some fantastic content without contributing my thoughts to the topic.

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