House Wife

As many of you know I was attending Purdue University before I became involved in the adult industry. I even continued classes for a while my first six months in the business however the traveling became extensive and the work was more demanding so I had to make a choice. I withdrew from school to pursue my career full throttle. In many of my interviews towards the beginning of my career I was asked if I would continue with school and if I would still pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor. In the beginning my answer was yes with out a doubt in my mind. However as time went on I began to have a change of heart. I would still like to finish my four year program and get my degree in Pre- Med Biology however I do not feel the need or want to go on to med school.
All of my life my dream was to graduate high school, go on to college and get my bachelors and then go on to med school. I figured around med school I would become engaged (to probably a fellow doctor in the works) and then married and after med school have children and work somewhere part time in the medical field once my children were at the age of attending school full days. Never was it my intention to not be home for my family when they needed me most.
My dreams have changed a bit. As I said I do not want to go on to med school after I have my degree. I imagine I would be able to find a decent career with just my four year degree if I ever needed to do so.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however my opinion is this; it is VERY important to have a stay at home mother in the household. I am very old fashioned in that sense and believe full heartedly that it makes for a more functional loving household. When I become a wife and a mother that is not a job to be taken lightly. I am going to treat my husband with the up most respect and do everything for him that a wife should. When it comes to my children they will be so well taken care of and so loved.
When people hear me say I would like to be a stay at home mom I see eyebrows raise. I think they picture those spoiled rich housewives that sit on their ass all day getting manis and pedis and spending all of their husbands money while their children are with a nanny. Anyone that really knows me knows that I am not that person at all. I come from a very strong Catholic upbringing where I learned the value of a dollar and the importance of family and hard work. Being from a Ukrainian upbringing I learned how to make meals from scratch and to wash floors and my hands ands knees.
I know my place as a woman and that is to cook, clean do yard work, run errands, take the children to practices and to school and to be not only a disciplinarian to the children but to be loving and devoted to my family.
I heard on a radio show once that if someone paid someone to do all the work a good house wife does it equals an amazing amount of money you’d be paying out. Think about it. A personal cook, maid, dry cleaner, child care, lawn worker, personal assistant and not to mention the things that money cant buy such as love and devotion.
People see me as I am now, Bree Olson the Porn star with my tan and my nails and my blonde hair and nice dresses. What people don’t realize is that before this I was an olive complected brunette in jeans and a t shirt going to work in the mornings and classes in the evenings. I am just a normal woman. I want the American dream. I want a home and a husband and children just like any other Indiana girl.
Lets say for example I was married and had two kids (so far) a two year old and a five year old. I wake up in the morning make my kids and my husband breakfast. After breakfast I get the children dressed, I make my husband lunch kiss him goodbye as he goes to work and then I get my two year and five year old in the car to my five year old to kindergarten. After that I take my two year old with me to run errands such as grocery shopping and taking my husbands clothes to the dry cleaners. Then I come home and maybe vacuum and dust and do the dishes from breakfast. By this time its noon and time to pick up my five year old from kindergarten since they are half days. I get the kids back home put the two year old down for a nap help my five year old with homework and talk with them about their day, hang their drawings’ on the fridge. Give them a snack and after this my five year old wants to go outside and play and I start doing a little more housework like making the bed and doing some laundry when the two year old wake s back up from a nap. Now its time for lunch I call the five year old back in and I make lunch we eat. At this time the kids are playing around the house as I finish up a little more housework, maybe cleaning the bathrooms and straitening up. I go and play with the kids for a little bit maybe doing a puzzle together or going outside and them attempting to help me with the garden lol. Well the sun is setting and we know daddy will be home soon so we are back inside I am making dinner and setting the table. Daddy comes home we all eat together and then its family time. I give the kids a bath and get them ready for bed around eight or nine. I give my husband a massage and then maybe some loving we watch TV for a little bit or he goes up on the computer or whatever and then we are in bed and the same thing happens the next day.
Now I know days may vary and sometimes the husband comes home late or we all woke up late in the morning so we might have a cereal morning every once in a while but for the most part this is how the schedule will be. Now would any of you like to tell me when I had time to sit on my ass during all of that? Did you notice I didn’t even schedule myself a shower in all of that. I am sure I will remember when that day actually comes lol but that just goes to show you a perfect example of how I put my family before myself.
When I get done having all the kids I’m going to have and when they are all in school full days I am not at all against working while they are at school. But I will not let work get in the way of my family. I’m not going to have strangers raising my babies and I’m not going to make my family TV dinners for dinner because I am so tired from working all day. I’m not going to have a messy house because I worked all day and was to tired to clean it. I think my system is full proof. I don’t expect my husband to be a millionaire but I do expect him to have a good job to where I will be able to stay home. One of my duties as a housewife is to save money in every way we can. My kids may not have the most expensive clothes but they will look nice and presentable and I know how to watch for bargains at the super market and turn lights off in a room when nobody is in there. I know all of that sure beats paying for childcare and my husband and I eating out because we don’t have time to cook.
I hope I opened up some peoples eyes with this blog and helped people see that this women’s lib thing isn’t all its cracked up to be. I sometimes wonder to myself if more people had this type of system in these days how would the divorce rates be?
As I said…. This is all my opinion, either you like it or you don’t. Your ways not the wrong way but my way works for me.

Love, Bree

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31 Responses to House Wife

  1. CZ says:

    This is one of the lovliest things I’ve read in many years. I think you know how it affected me so I won’t repeat that here. But I will just say your kids will be the luckiest to have you as their mom.

  2. E says:

    Sometimes life takes some crazy turns. You’re young and theres always time to get that degree. Sounds like you know what you want when it comes to family. You have a great attitude towards that and I wish the best for you.

  3. PS says:

    Hi Bree,

    That was a very nice blog post – being a student who is in their final year of college I can see where you are coming from…Times have changed but not everyone conforms. It seems that people are far too focused on their careers these days to provide care for kids/husband/household… I am very impressed with your ideology :) .

  4. Robert says:

    I get the feeling that you will be a wonderful wife/friend to that special man in your life. You will be even a better mother to your children. Your current profession is a very difficult one. It is not an easy thing being in the adult business. I am just one of many who appreciate what you do and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. renato.cuoricelli says:

    Wonderful post, Bree! it touched my heart. I like you as girl, you are amazingly beautiful, but i don’t like commercial porns at all (fake mechanical sex is boring, im for amateur and semi-amateur stuff with kisses etc), so i’m not a customer of your work :) But I repeat, I loved this post, coz porn is not only made by enourmous holes and cocks, but also by persons.. and these persons are often better than “normal” persons around, and i like it. Xoxo, renato

  6. TG says:

    Dear Ms. Olson,

    I happened to come across your blog while doing some necessary research for a fictional story I’ve been writing about a young lady in the same industry. Personally, I am not a big fan of the industry from a moral standpoint, however I thought it might be a good change of pace to write about it because in a number of ways I respect many of the people in it. I’ve been reading various online journal entries and blogs of your peers and collegues. In spite of myself, I found yours to be the best in every which way. All the way from your use of good grammar to your ability to express your beliefs and feelings in an honest, profound, and simple way. From your writing we can see you as a real woman, and not the objet d’amour behind the glass screen. Thank you very much Bree! I may not enjoy the industry but I can say for damn sure you and your personal character have my respect and admiration for the words you’ve put forth from now on.

    Thank you once again.
    With sincerest respect and the best of wishes,

  7. Greg says:

    Dear Bree – This Blog piece is exactly why I’m a member and stay a member of your site. And I’m so sure you’ll make some lucky man a wonderful wife and you’ll be a fantastic mum to your children. I know we all babble on about how beautiful you are and you are exactly that! – One incredibly beautiful dreamy young woman – And what a fantastic Porn Star you are. And all of that is true enough in its own place, time and sense. But you, sweet young angel girl, are also a very real and genuine person. I love these personal insight pieces you do. It so eloquently defines the feminie personal humanity of the true blue jeans, white tee shirt, and brunette Gal that you are.
    Look gorgeous I could ramble on here forever and restate The Bleeding Obvious, but why labour with the endless inherent limitations of the English Language and the base linguistically inadequacies of my own Ausie Vernacular to struggle to say in a thousand words that which can be said in a handful – You Sweet Mid-Western Girl – So Perfectly Beautiful – Forever Loved. Greg XXXX

  8. mike says:

    your so right.there is no greater honor then taking care your family to love,respect them, truly listen to there needs and want an guide them to it.

  9. JN says:

    Very true all that you say. Sometimes its easier said than done, but if people actually lived their lives and stopped stressing about little things that really dont matter you will be a better person for it. I totally agree that family comes first and many people dont have their priorities in order. Very well said bree hope all read this and you change some peoples outlooks. Also, if your plans include a nice guy who is about 6″2′ w/black hair and brown eyes please send me an email. Thanks and God Bless !! :-)

  10. Mr.SexyBeast says:

    This is like hella long blog you put on your site Bree. If I got married I don’t care if my wife or me would do the house work cause I think it goes both way. Women should not be the only one doing the house work the husband has to do some house work to. Just to let you know after the women give birth to her kid the husband should always be by her side & take good care of his wife & kid. If you watch the movie MR. MOM staring Michael Keaton then you would know what I’m saying.

  11. Micah says:

    I just came here after seeing you Howard TV, and find out we both were at Purdue at the same time. Maybe we even had a class together. Small world

  12. G-man says:

    You said a mouthful. As you know, I’m never at a loss for words but I’ll forward my comments to this in a private E-mail.


  13. Paul says:

    It is such a pleasure to read this blog. I am glad that not all of our young people these days only feels that daycare and nannies are the way to send their kids off too. I know with the affection that you have shown for your grandmother and her being there for you that you will do just as good as her in raising your kids. Do not change, ever.

  14. Ken Titus says:

    What a bunch of bullshit, I guess they teach you to lie, just like you lied to me when you said you loved me and left town with a $10,000.00 engagement ring. If you had any honor you would have given the ring back. But thats not whatlow lifes do, is it.

  15. mike says:

    your so right.there is no greater honor then taking care your family to love,respect them,truly listen to there needs and wants an guide them to it

  16. Daniel says:

    Bree i absolutely love this. I have not heard many women say the things that you said there. As i read it, i was really imagining everything happening and it was just amazing. To me, that really is a perfect wife if their is such a thing. I know women these days love to work and sumtimes men stay at home with kids and everything but i think sum families could use ur way to more happier. Of course the man can always help out around the house with things and of course spoiling his wife and kids in many different ways. I would love to be able to meet you in person one day. I also hope that I will find me a wife in the next few years that would be something similar to you and your way.
    Lots of love and best wishes to you and your career/future.

    Daniel xoxo

  17. Steve says:

    after reading that bree…two words…marry me!!!!

  18. Vergil says:

    MARRY ME!! :) )

  19. Dale says:

    Bree, I think you would be a most wonderful mother and wife
    I wish I lived in Indiana and could be that man for you

  20. goodtimes says:

    I love the things you said in your blog. You sound like you know exactly what you want your family life to be like and i applaud that. More power to you and who ever is lucky enough to land you as a wife and mother. I would love to have that oppratunity. Much love

  21. longshot791 says:

    bree you just confirmed that your the fantasy girl I’ve been searching for. so many women just don’t think like this any more. being an old fashioned guy *except for sexuall LOL* I really appreciate you! Hopefully we can meet up one day, your awesome baby!

    longshot (adam)

  22. silvrado says:

    hats off to u.. after reading this, one will be like – am i in a porno’s website??? after reading this, one will realize u r not jus an object of desire, but also that u r a very sensible, intelligent person unlike majority of the other pornstars..

    and i’l admit, i like u more for the person u r than ur pornstar status.

  23. Rainman says:

    I am really feeling what you said on the house wife tip. But, with a new generation on the rise with kids being more informed about sexuallity and diversity at a young age. How would your attitude change torward society and all what you have said, if you were to marry outside your race or your children dated other races?

  24. Michael says:

    I cant say enough how nice it is to here how grounded you are and that you still have traditional values given your current profession. Someone lucky man is going to be blessed when he marries you. I only hope the entertainment industry does not change you in the upcoming years.

    Wishing you all the health and happiness in the world. XOXO

  25. Dave says:

    I have to say that is exactly what I wish I could find. Is there any way we could meet and see if tha tcould by lucky ass.

  26. Steven says:

    I agree with the other posters. You’d make a great mother, Bree. I know you are having fun now, but you really should settle down with a good guy and have a child or two one of these days. Hey, I’ll volunteer! *grin*

    You really _are_ an excellent writer and I love how your stuff comes right out of your heart. You’re a no-BS kind of girl……very attractive to me.

  27. Ken says:

    I’ve been reading Asia Carrera’s blog for about 12 years… before they were even called blogs she was doing one. I’ve seen her go from where you are–young, active pornstar–to settled-down, retired housewife and mother of two beautiful children. She is always busy and madly devoted to her kids.


  28. rosey says:

    I think everything you said is great, but I’m not sure if it’s the only way for a happy and healthy child to be raised. Your way definitely has everything that would be needed to provide a great childhood, but I can’t help thinking about that saying about it taking the whole village to raise a child. I applaud you for writing this though. If more families could have been like this, the world would probably be a nicer place. I’m really curious about what your opinions of home schooling are. Anyway, thanks for writing this piece, it really got me thinking.

  29. PW says:

    First, thank you for being so open. It has to be difficult to maintain such a healthy perspective working in a world with so many, uh, complicated personalities, not to mention the depressing assumptions made about you. (Have you seen the movie, The Wrestler? One of the things I quite liked about it was Marisa Tomie’s character. Yes, she strips for money, but she’s also a caring woman in a tough spot trying to be a good mom, protect her private life, and keep her dignity.)

    You’re clearly pretty smart, having gotten into Purdue and selecting a major that is one of the more demanding. Also, some of your other comments on this blog show that you’re ambitious and have a very good sense of business and how the world works. So, I wonder whether you’d really be happy without a career that gave you more intellectual stimulation than children and marraige. Don’t get me wrong! Raising healthy, happy children and keeping a marraige going is tough; however, it’s not mo-bio or art. I know a lot of suburban mom’s with good marriage’s who gave up their careers, typically law or finance, to stay home. Everything is wonderful, but they really miss the opportunity to excell and to grow their minds. Do thoughts like these ever give you pause?

    All Best – PW

  30. noaverag3joe says:

    wow, that was very well written and insightful Bree. It is refreshing to see a woman who values tradition and see’s the responsibility of having children as being an important one. As a man, I know that we have a ‘built in’ desire to provide for the ones that we love and woman have a ‘built in’ desire to nurture those that they love. While my wife and I have been apart for about 6 years, she wanted to be a ‘stay at home mom’ and I very much appreciated her commitment to our children and saw tremendous value in having at least one us available when they needed us. In many ways, she made a sacrifice that I am grateful for and so I naturally was perfectly happy to continue supporting her in full after we separated. She is not a lazy person by any stretch of the imagination and yet I know my kids were better off having their mom available when they needed her. Bree, you sound like you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside and it will be one lucky guy who wins your love and affection. Love, Joe

  31. janders says:

    The biggest and most important gift you can give a child is your time and attention. This is invaluable and will be with them all of their lives.

    You are wise beyond your years for understanding this now. I hope you some day are blessed with the children and family you desire.

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