Come see my Debut of Feature Dancing February 27th and 28th at Scores Baltimore Maryland!

Come see my Debut of Feature Dancing February 27th and 28th at Scores Baltimore Maryland!

Its gonna be my first feature dance show ever! I have been working so hard to prepare for it! I even recieved dance lessons from Lexi Lamour, Julia Ann and Brooke Haven. I also have went and seen a few dance shows to gather ideas of whats expected of me. My favorite was of course Stormy Daniels. Well I have all my outfits I have practiced my ass off and now I am ready!
Come see my debut performance! I am going to be at the wonderful gentlemans club in Baltimore Maryland called Scores. I will be there two days. Friday February 27th and Saturday February 28th.
I am going to be giving away posters dvds pictures and my exclusive line of Bree Olson sex toys! Everything will be available for purchase as well including real molds of my ass and pussy.
I will also be offering private dances both nights so everyone is guaranteed some private time with me. So come see me! I am so excited! xoxo Bree
When- February 27th and 28th (estimated time of performance each night 9-midnight)
Where- (Scores ) 615 Fallsway Street Baltimore Maryland 21202

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19 Responses to Come see my Debut of Feature Dancing February 27th and 28th at Scores Baltimore Maryland!

  1. Rod says:

    It great your dancing…will to be coming to Toronot Canada ever?

  2. bono-ONE says:

    You know I wish I could attend and see your first shows. Maybe if you dance in LA at some point I’ll be able to make it out for that and of course I’d want a private dance, maybe two!! Enjoy yourself Bree and I know the fans will.

  3. CZ says:

    Congratulations on the start of your new dance career. Just like all your other endeavors I know you will be great and will have much success. Sounds like you’ve been working hard to prepare and I know the hard work will pay off. My very best wishes to you.

  4. CZ says:

    Hey Bree!!!!
    Scores spelled your name wrong on the poster they put up on their web site. I emailed them- hope they fix it.

  5. Bree says:

    Yes I will definetley be coming to LA sometime to dance and thank you for contacting them about the mis-spelling. xoxo Bree

  6. G-man says:

    hey baby…I’ll see you in baltimore…probably the friday…it’s a 2-hr drive – 125 miles – but what the hell….save a private dance for me

  7. CZ says:

    Yes, Scores fixed your poster today. You’re Bree Olson again so all your fans will recognize you (LOL). Maybe Scores will send me a free poster for my public service? Anyway, again wishing you much success and I know all your East Coast fans who can make it to Baltimiore will be thrilled to be a part of your debut. Best of luck.

  8. Tony says:

    Bree – when are u going to feature in NYC area or Philly. I saw you at the convention in Jersey and I was the guy sitting next to and talking to you when Stormy was dancing at Harem. Wish I knew you were there that Thursday signing.

  9. Tara says:

    I guess i will have to make my Boyfriend drive me down to Baltimore that weekend. Any chance of you coming up to PA?

  10. Anime Nut says:

    Excellent. I’ve been wanting a long time for this. Now I just have to wait for Bree to dance a little closer to Chicago. I can’t wait!

  11. jose says:

    hola bree, me gustaria saber mas de ti,y espero me escribas a mi mail,

    y mucha suerte, eres la mejor y la mas hermosa, estas hecha para mi, espero algun dia conocerte preciosa mujer de todo a todo

  12. amber says:

    Aww wish I could come see! I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time, babe. There are a few cool places in Baltimore, so I hope you have fun!

    PS. let me know if you want to trade pics, you are sooo hot babydoll. dont call live links next time, call me! ;) haha. mwah!

  13. bebo says:

    Good luck Bree!!! I’m sure you will be great, any plans to come down to Miami???

  14. wcw43921 says:

    Bree, it would be really great if you could make it to Illinois during your dance tour. There are clubs in Springfield, Peoria, Chicago and the suburbs, as well as the Glamourcon autograph show in Rosemont this August–

    Enjoy your dance tour, and I hope to meet you in person.

  15. Bob says:

    Baltimore is a little too far for me to go on my budget. Hopefully you’ll be performing in Denver sometime soon.

  16. Ron Coyote says:

    Hey~ have a blast while you in town. Do be careful though, your sure to attract all sorts of attention. As for any off time… Do your shopping at Arundel Mills. Any local Dates- Make ‘em take you to
    Henninger’s Tavern. Exercise at the Downtown Athletic Club. Don’t let any local types steer you to anything less than you deserve. Hope you have a blast!

  17. Matthew says:

    What are the chances of doing a feature dance tour around major cities in the country. in a city like……. *cough cough* Minneapolis/St. Paul *cough Cough*

    We would love to have you come up here to the great white tundra….although it’s beginning to warm up now.

  18. Paul says:

    I was there for both showings on Friday. She was awesome and a pleasure to watch. Scores had such a small stage and the view from the sides was obstructed by a pillar on both sides. Was hard to watch her on the first set, but the second set I had a front row seat. :D

  19. Aveek says:

    khanki magi tor gud ar sasti puja tui nizai kore char. These are all slang language for you. Go hail.

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