Go Shorty! Its Your Birthday!

Whats up guys! My birthdays coming up soon and ya know what that means? BIRTHDAY PARTY! Yeah! I am soooo excited! This is gonna be so much fun! I am having it Fort Wayne so if any of ya’ll would be able to make it that’d be awsome! Just send me a personal message and I’ll give ya the details! Well anyways I am in Denver right now. I am gonna be here in Colorado Springs for two days and then Denver for one day. I am on this new diet right now. Its where I eat special k cereal for breakfast and for dinner and for lunch I eat whatever I like but just in a small portion. So we’ll see how it goes. This is day 5 of eating this fucking bird seed but it’s actually not as hard to stick to it as I thought it would be! Other than working on my website and flying all over the country doing signings for Adam and Eve I’ve just been trying to organize my birthday party. I’m gonna have a limo and the whole deal. I didnt get to celebrate my 21st casue I was working but I regret that so much I’m taking it all out on this birthday! Time for me to spoil myself for a day! LOL Well I love ya’ll and dont forget to write me on my private messaging system! Also I was thinking about doing something here on the site where yall can put requests for what you’d like to see. 50 words or less type of thing and next to it will be my comment of when your request has been completed… Just thought that might be fun! Ya’ll know me! Always trying to do whatever I can to make you the happiest website members ever! xoxo Bree Olson

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30 Responses to Go Shorty! Its Your Birthday!

  1. Eric says:


    Happy Birthday!! I just had a birthday myself! I didn’t get my wish though: the Colts lost and you weren’t there to jump out of my cake! :) Don’t know if I’ll be able to make your party in FW but it’s nice to see a fellow Hoosier do good as well as a Boilermaker (I went to Purdue Main Campus and live in Indy) Don’t lose too much on this diet of yours; that “5.0 V8″ that you got going on don’t need to be any smaller! :) Please take a look at my blog “erotic” on myspace and let me know what you think; I always got things like that going on that I like to put to paper and let me know if I can write you one. Take care and hope to hear from you soon!!


  2. CZ says:

    Have a great birthday. I gave you my recommendation for your diet, but you rejected that pretty fast (LOL). At least please have a little piece of cake on the big day.

  3. Richard says:

    Bree olson are you going to continue doing this all your life? will you continue to let your beautiful body be destroyed by your continous degradation? But be sure Jesus can set you free. he loves you Bree. He can set you free Bree. He can set you free! Do not care what people may think, come to hm now and be free. You can turn a new live this next birthday, yeah you can.

    Happy birthday!

  4. VSFYL says:

    Bree, happy birthday! Best of luck with your diet — although when I last saw you in person you were already perfect, so I have no idea why you want to lose weight.

  5. Eric says:

    oh, Here’s a suggestion for the holidays, just my lil fantasy :)

  6. I'm shy sorry ^^" says:

    Hey Bree!

    first of all, have a hell of a weekend, a great party and an awesome birthday!!!

    have life full with happiness and joy, love and fun, a lot of friends and money also :)

    This is my first time posting here, because I couldn’t before, sorry about the little delay ^^”

    If I’m too late, have a great life and weekend any way, so.. yeah :)

    OH! and Bree? could I ask for something?

    I’m not 18 [yet] so I can’t pay the price of the member ship, but as soon as I can, I would!

    but in the mean time ^^” could I enjoy some of your amazing videos?

    you’re just gorgeous! amazing! beautiful! and apparently very nice and sweet ;)

    there’s just no wonder why I love you <3

    With great love, [one of] you hugest fan!

  7. Mr.N says:

    NW Indiana guy here wishing you the best. I have seen my fare share of starlets but something keeps me coming back to your site. I would love the opportunity to meet you and celebrate the big day. I love a good get together, Hoosier style! Hope to hear from ya.

  8. D. Davis says:

    Have a nice Birthday Bree. Get some for me Thank you, D

  9. Robin says:

    Believe it or not, but my birthday is also on 7 october and i’m becoming 24. For years now I’m trying to find someone special who is also born on the 7th of october. So there you are! Dispite that you’re so far away.. Anyway have a great day! And maybe we’ll meet sometime when you’re in The Netherlands. Bye bye! Love Robin

  10. Robert says:

    Have a great one. You deserve it!! I will raise a glass of champagne and toast to your health, happiness and prosperity.

  11. Dave M says:

    Happy birthday!! My bithday is October 7 1986! and i renting a building/hall and having a HUGE party! i hope you are doing the same ;)

  12. Thomas says:

    Just read your blog Sweet Bree. Best wishes and everyone needs to spoil themselves every once in a while… Hey, in stead of eating Special K, sneak a bowl of Fruit Loops :) :):)

  13. John says:

    Happy birthday,i hope you have a great day.
    A big kiss to you

  14. Giovanni says:

    Hi Bree,good afternoon!!!!!!!:)
    How are you?
    I hope that you are doing great and had enjoyed your weekend…..
    What about you?
    Thanks a lot for being my friend on myspace…..
    You are marvellous!!!!!!!
    Happy birthday,Bree!!!!!!!!!:)
    I wish you above all joy,serenity,love,health,all the best for you,your family and people you love…..
    Also,I hope that your dreams and desires can be realized….
    Talk to you very soon Bree;have a nice evening and a marvellous birthday!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    Take care,kisses.

  15. Michael says:

    Bree, I wanted to apologize that you were unable to film your dinner at a certain restaurant in Fort Wayne Tuesday night. I was looking forward to serving you. So where is this big birthday bash going to be???

  16. Russian bear says:

    Bree,I congratulate on past birthday (better late, than never)!

  17. jared lehman says:

    happy birthday Bree. I hope your birthday was a blast and you got everything you wanted

  18. Auggie says:

    Try Total with Raisins, blondie.

    I have Special K (with choco) here at my place if you ever wanna spend the night & eat birdseed with me, lol.

  19. Nick says:

    Hi Bree,
    I wish you a very happy birthday! Thanks for the invitation for the party, but I need to cross the ocean (Netherlands) to get there. Quite impossible on such a short term, but maybe next year. I hope you have fun anyways. I’ll drink one on you here. Cheers baby!
    Big kiss, Nick.

  20. Eric says:

    Hey you,

    I met you at O’hare airport in Chicago…you never sent me the pic we took together ;( Anyways, how are things?

  21. Brandon says:

    Hey bree! I was at your birthday party and just wanted to say it was great! Hope you and a good time! I know I did! I just have one question though… I got my picture taken with you and I’m pretty sure you said the picture would be on your myspace but I haven’t seen any pictures from the night. It was so loud and I was a little drunk so I may not have heard right. Have you just not put them up yet? Just wonderng how I can get that picture of you and I! Again happy birthday!

  22. juan carlos says:

    i love bree olson,actriz porno favorite

  23. BreeDPhopeful says:

    You’re the hottest chick walking the planet today, I’d love to see or participate in a DP gangbang.

  24. Lloyd says:

    Hi Bree,

    I’m new here, you’re a very pretty girl and what makes you attractive is that you can handle your role as an actress and a real person life. I admire and hope to meet you someday.

  25. troy b says:

    ha my new sweet friend i am sorry did not make your birthday.i wish i was there.i hade a birthday to it was the 10th.i wish some day we could have a birthday party together that would be nice.

    lol your website.please wrie me on myspace.

    lol trou

  26. AB454 says:

    hottest chick ever!! I want sex

  27. AB454 says:

    I also live in Indiana, we should bang

  28. simge says:

    ├žok saLAKSINIZ

  29. SCHOCK RALLY says:

    Wow u r fucking amaizing.!!!!I was watched all your videos and i can`t find words to descibe them.Simply outstanding.I`m from one well known country in south-east Europe-Macedonia.Your videos and movies have good rating in MK.So how is possible to make contact or to chat somehow with you Bree?Is there any chances?I`ll give me personal infos when(i hope so)get resp.Ooo…sorry.Happy birthday,all your wishes come true.Many,many yrs to cellebrate and keep it that way with your job!!!!!!!

  30. RIPcrEEper says:

    bree…………im obsessed with the likeness between you and ashlynn brooke. its nuffin sexual i just cant believe how much you look alike. ive seen you in comments say stuff and its almost like you dont like her………is this true?????

    she must of been asked about you……….ive just never seen her say anythin. it would be mad sein you 2 together…..the chemistry would be interesting to watch.

    im a fan of you and ashlynn both….. but im not gonna come on your site and start sayin what i would do to you if i could….lets face it only assholes with no life do that….thats not sayin you’re not beautiful…i just wanna talk to peeps like people not wank mits.

    anyways to hear from you about the ashlynn brooke thing would be cool.

    was a fan still a fan………..SAFE

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