Can't go home :(

Well again I was supposed to go home today but did I? NOOOOOOO!!!! I was sick as a dog yesterday….. The sickest I’ve been since I was a kid…. I couldn’t even get out of bed and didn’t eat anything all day. I knew by how sick I was yesterday there was no way I would feel well enough to make my flight today…. So here I am….. Will I ever get to go home???? Geez! So I rescheduled my flight for Tuesday which now I’m wondering if I should even go home cause I only had ten days off till I had to go to a signing in Florida but since my days keep getting pushed back I’m wondering if I should just stay here in LA till I fly to Florida… what should I do???? Go home for two days and leave again? That would suck!!! Well it looks as though I will have to go home because all of my flights are already scheduled…. Ugh… well what can I do….. okay…. I still feel like crap today so I am gonna lay down for a bit more…… I am gonna do a photo shoot tonight since I am here in town… I feel like crap but oh well… whatever…. Ugh… I wouldn’t wish this on anybody!

LOL also here is a pic from today….



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  1. William says:

    I love you Bree! Please get back to me ASAP! talk to you soon :)

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