Universal Studios :)

Well I went to Universal Studios today. I felt like a true tourist! It was so much fun! We got the VIP passes so we would not have ton wait in line for anything. First we went on the tour of all the studious and everything. We seen some movie sets and some of the props from classic movies like Jaws and King Kong. It was a blast… We went to water world and got a little wet then we went to this creepy maze thing where all the monsters picked on me!!! It was like my fear stuck out like a sore thumb! They just kept scaring me one after another! It was horrible! LOL Then we went on the mummy ride which was so scary and fun but it was really short, we then went on a Jurassic park water ride. Well I guess that’s about all we did…. It sounds like not much but it took all day…. I guess I left out the small stuff like the staff mistaking me for Lindsey Lohan! LOL It was a hot day and I am very exhausted…. Well I am gonna go to bed now…

Love ya!


univ1.jpg univ2.jpg bree2.jpg

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  1. Carl B. says:

    I don’t want to say that guy is crazy but I think he never watch any porn at all.

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