Strangled in LA =:O

I was supposed to go home today but decided against it because of these marks on me…. I don’t want everyone asking me what happened. I mean what would I say???? Sorry gram I fell on a rope and strangled myself? LOL well what can I do! Oh well I am just sticking around the modeling house… Relaxing…. Getting some things done I never have time to do…… So its fine… I am going to fly home Monday… I just hung around today. Cleaned my room. Purchased new linens and towels at bed bath and beyond. I watched dr phil today and king of the hill. I’ve been on the computer for about two hours today. I danced in the bathroom while I did my make up…. I heard this great new hip hop song…… Something about a lollipop I am not sure but it got me going and I learned some new dance moves….. O went to the park and walked around and jogged a few laps around the park. Today I ate a goat cheese omelette and cantalope. Lunch was turkey cheddar chicken dish… Dinner was a salad and beef Wellington pockets… Snack was ham and a mayo mustard mix and strawberries and u have not had my evening snack yet…. Well sorry my day has been super boring!!!!
But on the good side of things my marks are going down. See the pic below…marks are almost gone!


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  1. Carl B. says:

    I look at this picture you put up of you arm you can’t see the mark at all hope it did not hurt.

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