I hope I don't get banned =:o

Well my day started off very earlier due to shooting content for the site. I did three scenes today. Two girl/ girls and a boy/girl anal. The beautiful ladies were Veronique Vega and Mandy Moore (not the singer) but even more beautiful….! Well I am all done with my content shoot and oh my goodness I had so much fun! The girls were great and the last scene was so over the top! Its a jail scene and I am a little slave being held captive by this crazy mean man. He comes in and starts beating me right away. I was all tied up on the toilet! Well I get some amazing anal pounding and having a rope around my neck left some crazy marks! I am going to have to edit the shit out of that scene! I think its a little too hardcore even for the Internet! I am having a Director coming over to night to view the scene with me and get his opinion on if I will be able to release of or not. Hopefully he will say there’s only a few things we will have to take out but he might tell me to bury it! LOL……I’ll keep yall posted!

Bree Olson


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2 Responses to I hope I don't get banned =:o

  1. Carl B. says:

    Bree even thoe this was posted 8 month ago you should be careful what content you put on your website. I’m not trying to tell you what to do I’m just tell you that so you don’t think I’m trying to be rude to you. Your a nice person & you have good contents on your site. I know this will sound crazy or you my laugh at this but can I have a birthday discount if I join your site for a year Please. I hope if I join that we can chat so I can ask you some question I have if that OK with you.

  2. loveyourwork says:

    what ever came of this video bree?

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