On set again today…

I am on a set taking photos today for a website called cyberage. I got here late cause I didnt wanna come cause I feel fat. LOL I am such a girl sometimes. I lost another pound though! I discovered that on the scale this morning… 124 now! Woohoo!

We are doing 5 photo sets three tease videos and a photo set for my site. This guy is a great photographer. He’s the one that shot my Penthouse cover for the February issue and some of the centerfold pictures for the march issue.  I am excited and they should turn out cute. I still have tan lines from my beach movie so I hope yall like tan lines!!! LOL!
Well I just got done with the webcam between Nina Hartley and I… We did it for her webcam for nina.com and she gave me a copy of the show so it will be up soon on my site. She whipped the shit out of me and made me cum so hard! Well today has been an amazing day!

Bree Olson

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