My Beach Party Shoot…Fun Day!!

I am here at a beach house today for brees beach party. Its through Adam and eve. I am having a lot of fun! I am fucking James Dean today! How fun! He is really rough so I hope he really tears me up today.

Nautica Thorn is here and she is so cute! Nice too. I really like her and hope to shoot her for my site sometime! I am having a good day…

Just a bit tired and fatigued today. All I can think about is getting fucked! I can’t wait! There is a black widow on the back porch of where I stay when I am here in Cali and I named her Charlotte. She wasn’t there last night so I wanna get home and see if she’s there tonight. I hope she didnt get in the house! Well I have a photo shoot for a magazine tomorrow and then tomorrow night I am doing a webcam show for Nina Heartly.

I am on this diet called sunfare. They deliver a cooler to me every morning and I get three tasty healthy meals and two yummy snacks. I have lost five pounds so far. Today so far I had sunrise quesadillas and cantalope for breakfast and for lunch I had chicken parmesean and squash and pineapple. I highly suggest it to anyone located in the LA area.

I go home to fort Wayne Indiana on Friday. My content shoot is Thursday. Chris King had been doing our pictures today. He’s really good. My cover is me in a bikini in front of the ocean on the beach holding two surf boards… Its cute! Well thats all for now!
Talk to you tomorrow!!!



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