My first Semi day off in a long time

I have been working on several movies this trip for Adam and Eve. I did roller girls which is about two roller derby teams that are rivals. I also did the O movie… power of submission. Which has been my most favorite movie to shoot of all time. It’s a sequel to the first one which Luvana had stared in. I decide in this movie that I AM ready to be a sex slave after all. As I am sure all of you know this is the type of thing I am interested in in real life so the movie was very exciting for me. Right now I am working on the movie Brees Beach party which is basically just about teenagers¬† fucking each other at the beach… a lot of hot chick in this movie…. even 18 year old girls so its very exciting! I finish that movie tomorrow I still have about one more week here in town. I decided to stay a few extra days to shoot for my website. I have a girl girl coming up with Veronique Vega and another girl girl… not sure who that girl is yet…..¬† then also a great dungeon scene where this guy totally dominates me and rails my pussy and ass. I am sooo excited! Well today I am doing a live webcam tonight and until them I am just here on the computer working on my site and a few other things and then I also have to clean my room….. it looks like my suitcase exploded in there! LOL Its hard living out of a suitcase…. Cant wait to be home again…….

I love you guys!


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