Sex Toy Party

One of my girlfriends Brittani (yes that’s how she spells it) invited me to a sex toy party. Of course I graciously accepted the invitation to this marvelous invent. No matter how much I am around these types of things in my porno work world anything to do with sex still excited me greatly. Even if it is just a mint shaped like a penis. My friend started laughing at me and said that I was not stop smiles the whole time. I ended up purchasing several products including a cake pan shaped like I cock. I am having a party in April and plan to make a cock shaped cake with all the icing and everything to make it look as realistic as a cake cock can look. I also bought the tittie one to accommodate cock in case there are guys at the party that are not comfortable eating a cock. LOL There were sex tip cards there and we had a contest of who could read them the sexiest. I won and my prize was a lipstick. The actual lipstick itself was shaped like a penis. Just what I always wanted! LOL Now they have talked me into hosting a few sex parties of my own so now I will be able to demonstrate to the ladies how these toys and gag gifts fuction. Wooohooo!!!!!!!

Well I cant wait till my party in April. It will be tons of fun. I purchased a martha stewart cook book to make Hors D’Oeuvres. I love cooking and making new things out of cook books. Other than that I just keep buying those ITUNES gift cards and redeeming points on itunes to buy more music. I love itunes! I could be on there all day. Well I am making filet mignon this morning with fried potatoes and fried eggs. My girlfriends coming over to eat so I gotta go finish that up.

Bree Olson

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