My Dancing Update…

I have been dancing for about a month now the times I am in town. (Which is not often) In Fort Wayne Indiana. It’s called Shangrila West and it’s on West Jefferson Blvd. My schedule is whatever days I am available in town from 6-10p although sometimes I stay till midnight. I am not very good at the pole but since it is a topless club that allows touching I do back flips onto the guys and do all kinds of nasty things. Although it is not a bottomless club I have a bad habit of flashing my pussy to whoever asks because I am so easy! LOL When someone asks me how dancing is going I say, “The girls hate me but the guys LOVE me!” I try and do all the things right that I see strippers do wrong. You ever notice when a girl is on stage how she seems so distanced sometimes. No eye contact and if there’s a mirror you can bet she’s just looking at herself the whole time! All I do stage the whole time is pay attention to the guys and if there’s no one at the stage when I first get on I don’t go into my own little world! I pick a guy out from across the room and flirt with him till he comes over to the stage. Once the other guys see what I do to that guy all the guys come over. I guess I just love what I do. Whether it be actual porn and just dancing…. Both are very sexual and that’s what I am. Super sensual and sexual. There’s just no mistaking it. I can’t help it I give too much during a dollar dance. But what’s the harm in that if the guys go back with me every single I ask for a couch dance.

Geez. I guess my point is that I might start featuring even sooner than I intended. Which was July of this year. I was so worried about how I dance but now I see that what matters most of the guys is having a fun sensual time with the girls. Not some staged un-interactive routine. Would you guys agree with that? I would love to start traveling all over the US and start dancing! Also if you guys wanna give me some ideas of some cities to hit up first I am as usual willing to listen and take suggestions! Thanks guys! Wooohooo! I love you guys!



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