A little more about me…

I’ve gotten a few of your emails and notes (Thank you…keep them coming!!!). And I wanted to tell you a little more about me. Someone asked me about what I am like every day and around home. So here it goes…

I am out going and very loving. If I see someone in need I will help them, a stray dog I will get out of my car and try to find the owner. I love spending time with my family and friends and cant keep a secret for the life of me. My best friend knows everything there is to know. For the most part I take advice well but from time to time I am stubborn. I am very OCD in a way that….. well its just plain wierd. Everything in my house is very orderly and way to clean. I like the type of house that does not even looked lived in. Like in the magazines. A picture perfect home. I suppose I would make a good housewife seeing that I am a good cook and love children as well. However my cooking might not be the healthiest…LOL. A little hardy and Mid-Western to say the least. I smile a lot and love to laugh. Outside of work people may take me as stuck up because I don’t say much however I get very shy around people I don’t know to well and very timid around the ladies believe it or not. I still have a lot of kid in me seeing that I love to play games, goof around, wrestle and just be silly. The work side of me is very serious though. I work hard no matter what I am doing. From when I was a labor worker, to an office worker, till doing movies now I give 110%.

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