Chilling In California…..

Well today I shot my cover with Sasha Grey for the AVN magazine. I want her so bad. I am gonna hire her for my site I know I am gonna let her dominate me in the scene but my question is what exactly should we do? Let me know exactly what you’d like to see. I am going to buy my webcam stuff on Monday so that will be going soon. I have some really big content shoots coming up as well. I have yet to masturbate today so I am really on edge right now. I might have to take a look at my dick file. What’s my dick file you ask? It’s a file of every cock picture I have ever received from my fans. I don’t know why they feel so compelled to send me cock pictures but I won’t complain! I love looking at them and they make me VERY horny! Other than that I am happy that the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday. Of course no game will ever be like Colts VS Bears but its okay… still a very exciting event. I love football.

Other than that I am just chilling out in California right now. I have been looking for a fun work out plan I have a membership at a gym but I need something really fun to do to give me a great work out…. Besides sex guys! I already have that enough! Any suggestions? What do you guys do to work out?

Well I am horny so I GOTTA GO!Mwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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