I am doing Great!!!

Well with my win of Best New Starlet and being on the cover of Penthouse….and of course having my website up things couldnt be better! I am so happy! I am in LA right now, and fly back home to Fort Wayne Indiana today. I am very happy to be going home. I miss Dr.Sniffles VERY much! I want to be able to start feauture dancing at clubs all over the US by July however I dont know how to dance! LOL So I start at a local club in Fort Wayne this week to practice till I am featuring in July… I will work the slow hours on the weekdays. The weeks I am in town at home that is. I am sure my slutty little self will not be able to hold back from letting guys do whatever they want to me! LOL We will see. I will do my best to be a good girl! I will have my calender up very soon and you will be able to see what I am doing every single day! I am also weaning myself off myspace so I can give you even more time! I wanna spoil you guys rotten! Also something I am very excited about is doing live web cam shows! I am doing the last of what I need to do to get that set up! I love a live audience and hope to have many of you watch. Woohoo! I masturabate or have sex everyday anyways so might as well webcam it right? Well anyways once my calender is up you will see I have a lot of shooting days coming up. Some of them involve the ladies. Which ones would you like to see me with? I am doing a girl girl ////// a girl girl anal////// and a boy girl girl//// so thats three girls I need. I would love to hear your suggestions! Well I have to go! I will type more when I get home tonight!



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