I Got Lucky

There is a phone chat line that I love to call and meet men. Today I got very lucky he told me the hotel he was at and I hoped in my car and took off! I was wearing a pink fluffy dress that went right above the knees and that showed a lot of cleavage I had thigh highs on and pretty lacey shoes… little white lacey undies on too. I had a bow in my hair too….. I thinlk I could have passed for 15 years old in that outfit . I pulled up to this old broke down motel. Knocked on the door that had the room number he had givin me and I see him peak out the window eyeing me. He then answers the door and invites me into his broken down dump of a place. He was probably in hios late thirties…. Looked like a trucker or construction worker. I am not sure and I didn’t care. I layed on his bed and spread my legs open for him to view my panties. He walked right up and was next to me running his hands all over my body. I put my legs in the air and pulled my panties off. His hands quickly went down to start playing with my pussy While he was doing that staznding there his bulge was growing right in my face I unzipped his pants and a huge cock came out… I was very surprised! I sucked it and then after a few minutes we fucked. Of course he didn’t last long but the experience was great for me. I put my panties back on and left. He asked for my name or a number. I wouldn’t give it to him though………. That’s the joy of it, is knowing I will never see them again. So naughty!

Bree Olson

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One Response to I Got Lucky

  1. Ron says:

    dammit bree your such a little slut. Why can’t i get lucky like that guy with you. If only you knew just how many time’s your pictures and video’s have givin me such throbbing memory’s. Every time i see your body my cock get’s harder and harder, and you no what that mean’s time to dream of fucking your sweet little cunt and ass, topping it off your lips around my cock and shooting a hot load deep inside your mouth.

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