Teasing The Cable Guy

Like any other day I woke up very grumpy. Especially when the cable man comes at eight in thre morning to put in an upgraded cable box. So I answer the door in my little white robe. Short little thing with ruffles all around the bottom. Nothing underneath. He was an older heavier guy. Kinda cute in that cable man uniform of his. Lol He asked me if my mom ordad was home. Lol I explained I am the owner. He started installing the new box in the living room as I sat at the bar in my kitchen watching him drinking my orange juice. After struggling a while he explains that he cant fit his arm back behind the entertainment center to reach the cables and assked if I could help him out. I ablige and start bending way over with my head facing the wall and reaching to do the cables all the while my ass is sticking out in plain view for him to gander at as much as he would like. I even spread open my legs a little bit so he can get a good look at my pussy as well. I pretend to struggle with the wires a little bit so that I can give my booty a little shake for him. When I finally got out of my crazy position I stood up and walked back into the kitchen. I didn’t lookn at his face but I did see his rock hard cock trying to stay in those pants. I should have just threw myself at him but I am not that way. I make subtle moves to show I am interested and if they take initiative than it happens if they don’t that’s the end of it. I always hope they show interest though.

Bree Olson

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One Response to Teasing The Cable Guy

  1. Carl B. says:

    Bree your a flirt I like reading blogs like this to see if it funny don’t be mad at me PLEASE for saying that.

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