Airports Make Me Horny

I was flying back from visiting some friends today and as we all know I get very horny at the airports. I had the fingering on the plane experience as well as having sex in the airport bathroom. Well I was next to this older man today and it was getting dark outside and also the planes lights were dimmed. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make a move. I started to wrap my leg around his. Running my hand across his…. It didn’t even phase him! Well I then decided to break out the laptop and look through nude pictures of me. He looked but still would not touch m3ew after I tried agasin. I knew he wass married but sometimes those are my favorites! I think everyb married man should have a little treat now and then! Well he is pussy whipped I guess casue I didn’t get any so I guess 2 out of three isnt bad. Next flight I will let you guys know how it goes!

Bree Olson

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