Fun Afternoon

Today I went to the gym and worked out for two hours. I went back and forth from the stairmaster to the tredmill. After that I went home and took a shower. Got ready to leave and grabbed my camera. I love taking pictures. I went out to the woods by my house and got really good pictures of birds squrrils racoons and I even seen some deer. I also like taking pics of barns off in the distance and the trees and leaves up close. I have some very artistic shots today. I came home and had some chef boyardee raviolis. I love them. I then read some steven King while waiting for my assistant to arrive at m y house to go over weekly stats and goals. Later that night after April and I worked we decided to go for some laser tag. I LOVE LASER TAG! Its so cooool! I really suck at it but I figure if I keep playing I will get better.

After that we get a to go order from Biaggis to take home and eat while we watch SVU Law and Order. Ny favorite show. After that April leaves and I read a little bit…. Only to drift away to la la land!
Easy day!

Bree Olson

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