My Wish List

Hey guys! Thank you all so much for inquiring about my wish list! You are very sweet! Instead of typing it separate to you guys in my personal messaging system I just thought I’d post the link here to my blog. Be sure to include your return address on amazon even in the note if you have to so I can send you a thank you gift in return. There’s some lovely dresses on there I’d like to model for you guys. :)

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

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The Hottest Thing I've Ever Witnessed

The hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed:

My girlfriend and I were out Sunday night in Tokyo and we met a group of British and Australian men, many of whom were accompanied by their Japanese girlfriends.

When we were in a private sector of one particular bar, one couple of the group went “next level”. This isn’t what surprised me – or shall I say, captivated me – though…It was their interaction, demeanor and relationship in general.

As this man was casually and captively looking at his football scores, the Japanese woman began to rub, unfasten and then go down on him. He didn’t even acknowledge her except for when she’d try to stop. When she did, he would force her back down with his hand on the back of her head, still his eyes on the screen. She wasn’t allowed to speak to the other men, only the women. She only knew Japanese so she didn’t speak with us, of course, but he spoke Japanese and English perfectly.

He eventually “allowed” her to stop and we headed to a Karaoke bar with this group. A few of the other Japanese women spoke English okay so I loved talking to them, but I kept my eyes on this couple the whole time because I was in awe.

He touched her everywhere they went. Like… Um… When they would walk he’d keep his hand on the small of her back as if it was his form of a leash. The more I write this, the more I realize how difficult it is to explain.

I never did speak to him directly out of this group, but I did overhear him talk about things. His obvious view on women is that their only purpose is to serve and honor their man. He was never mean to her; he ordered her drinks and food, etc. for her (I very much love when men do that for me) as if he was her barrier from the world. He’s her shelter and in return she services him. It was amazing to witness.

I love their relationship. Just witnessing a few hours of their everyday lifestyle was so… I just never seen anything like it. (well, besides in my dreams!)

I just can’t get that couple out of my head now. That lifestyle seems perfect for me. I wouldn’t mind trying it out. I’m very submissive towards my men, but most are so easy going that I tend to be dominant as well. It’d be very interesting though to have a man that was completely dominant in every way. A guy that said “this is how things are going to be”.

I think that as long as the two people love each other and the woman isn’t in COMPLETE fear of her man, then this type of relationship is okay. I mean, he takes care of her in every way. He takes care of her financially and gives her structure, safety and love, so she returns the favor by treating him like her King.


A+ to that couple.

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My Birthday Wish is….

Well, here we have it! A 25th birthday coming up on October 7th! Read on to learn more:

Every year I get asked what I’d like for my birthday and where to send it.

You all are so kind and generous and everything you’ve done is much appreciated.

This year I’d like you to donate in honor of my birthday to two special places I hold near and dear to my heart.

1) The Loving Cafe here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
They have the best vegan food, and it’s the only one in town. They are followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai and their only purpose in opening this restaurant is for the greater good of animals and people. They make very little money, so the more they have to help their amazing business grow will help this world become a better place. Baby steps. It is, and will continue to be a great asset to the Fort Wayne Community. Every penny sent will be put towards helping their business and message grow and succeed.

2) My local SPCA here in Fort Wayne Indiana. They need more space for their non-kill shelter. The less space they have, the more people hand animals over to the “other place” which euthanizes perfectly healthy animals every day.

And of course, for those of you that cannot resist my Amazon Wish list I will provide that to you as well.

If you’d like to send a card or letter or a gift of your own I’ll list my PO Box too.

Again, anything is appreciated but these two organizations mean so much to me. Thank you for opening your heart to these causes. You are saving lives and changing the world and that’s the best present I could ever receive.

Loving Café
Send Check or Money Order to (and pay to the order of) :
Loving Café
7605 Coldwater Road Suite A
Fort Wayne, Indiana
(You can call and make a donation too via credit or debit)
1-260-489-8686 (Mon-Sat 10am-8pm eastern time zone)

Allen County SPCA
Send Check or Money Order to (and pay to the order of) :
Allen County SPCA
4914 S. Hanna Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana
(You can call and make a donation too via credit or debit)
1-260-744-0454 (Tues-Sat 12pm-4pm eastern time zone)

My Amazon Wish list:

My PO Box
Bree Olson
P.O. Box 10471
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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My Turtle Named Fred

About 3 years ago I was in Tennessee with what was my boyfriend at the time. We were visiting his relatives. The roads in the area where long and winding to say the least but even though we were in what seemed like a remote area there was a decent amount of high speed traffic on this particular road that we were traveling on this particular day. Me being the way I always am, I scan the roads constantly checking to make sure animals aren’t up ahead or getting ready to cross.

My boyfriend was driving what was at the time one of my brand new Lexus’s and I was sitting in the passenger seat. As we were driving on this road and coming around the bend, I spotted a massive turtle on the opposite side of the road trying to cross that seemed oblivious to the traffic that would have surely ended his life. I screamed for my boyfriend to pull over, not even being able to explain the reasoning why. (He later told me he thought I was about to get sick)

Before he could even bring the car to a complete stop I opened the car door and darted through the traffic across the road and back a little ways. I picked up the turtle that was now actually in the road and began to carry him back to where he looked like he was coming from. To my surprise he reached out and snapped at me, which startled me so I dropped him (not even gonna lie). So then I was to frightened to pick him back up so I screamed to my boyfriend who was still about half a mile up the road standing outside of the car very confused to come and help me.

My boyfriend didn’t feel the same sense of urgency about this turtle as I did so he walked instead of running so while I was waiting on my boyfriend I was blocking this stubborn turtle by trying to stand in front of it, but it was on a mission and kept trying to waddle around me. Finally my boyfriend got there and I explained to him this turtle tried to bite me! He explained to me that it is called a snapping turtle. LOL I had no idea that they even existed. Regardless if this turtle tried to snap at me or not, I know that if it knew I was there to save it’s life it would surely make this easier for me so I held nothing against the darling being.

I handed the job of carrying the turtle over to my boyfriend which was very reluctant on doing so but I instructed that if we hold it’s shell as far back from his head as possible he wouldn’t be able to reach the hands which thank goodness for the three of us that was the case. I told my boyfriend that we must get him across the road, he is very persistent on getting over there for a reason and since we won’t let him cross on his own we’ll have to do it for him. I told my boyfriend to put him in the front seat with him while I drove to find a safe area for this turtle. My boyfriend thought I was crazy for bringing this huge turtle into my brand new car but for anyone that knows me, knows that would be my last concern in a situation like this one.

We drove a little ways down the road (not too far incase it had “relatives, children?”) lol I don’t know… I just didn’t want to take it too far from it’s natural habitat so we found a beautiful pond just up the road on the side of the street he was trying to get to and I said to my boyfriend I bet this is where he was trying to get to. The pond was fenced off so we set him down facing towards the pond and I never seen a turtle move so fast. He was going towards that pond like he meant business!

We left the turtle to his new found bliss. As we were late for where we were heading in the first place. On our way back I wanted to stop and see if we could see the turtle anywhere. Sure enough we seen him in a little puddle next to the pond. All you could see was his head sticking up above the water but he looked very content. I figured from this experience that this turtle needed a name. So I named him Fred.

What is now my ex-boyfriend but still my best friend Chris, still talks about this experience to this day. He loves telling people about that experience and always told me that my compassion for people and animals alike moved him deeply.

As much as I enjoy this story myself I unfortunately didn’t type this out for you all to read just to share a smile. There is something very gray and grim that takes place in my very own home state of Indiana each year called the “Snapperfest”. Unfortunately, this annual torture festival just ended this past week and I didn’t know about it until yesterday.

Every year at the Campshore Campground, wild-caught snapping turtles endure terrible violence at the hands of participants. The frightened animals are grabbed by their tails and repeatedly slammed to the ground. Their heads are yanked from their shells, and they are then swung around until “contestants” are able to wrap their fists around the animals’ necks. In addition to terrifying these reptiles, these attacks can result in serious injury and fatal stress—and death comes slowly for turtles because of their slow metabolism. Survivors are likely subjected to slaughter or release into unfamiliar areas, only to succumb to parasites or disease. Video of one turtle’s “Snapperfest” ordeal can be viewed here… Snapperfest Ordeal

8546 State Route 56
Aurora, IN 47001
(812) 438-2135 office
(812) 290-5939 cell

To my surprise I called the Aurora, Indiana police department and they have no jurisdiction over the area. The Indiana Ohio County Sherriff’s department does however. I know it’s confusing. The county is in Indiana but it’s called Ohio County.

I called them and I said, “Ma’am, are you aware of the “snapperfest” that just took place last week?” She said yes. I said, “Is there going to be any preventative action taken to prevent this from happening in the years to come?” She said she didn’t know and took down my name and number and said she would give it to the prosecutor. I thanked her kindly.

No matter how outraged or frustrated I feel that any type of law enforcement would condone this I know I will not get anywhere by being rude to these people. So I ask that when you call or write you do the same thing. Voice your concern and do so in a pleasant matter and I think together we can stop the killing of poor little “Fred’s” in the future.

When I first called the Aurora, Indiana police department the woman on the other end of the phone gave me the name and number of the sheriffs office without me even asking for it, you can tell that at least that police department doesn’t want the blood of these innocent turtles on their hands.

Here is the information to the Ohio County of Indiana Sherriff’s Department:


Ohio County Sheriff’s Department

Eldon Fancher

123 S Mulberry St
Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

Phone: (812)438-3636
Fax: (812)438-4848

County: Ohio

Ohio County Sheriff’s Department

Lets come together and stop this from happening ever again. The goal is for there not to be a “Snapperfest” 2012.
Feel free to write and/or call them and if anyone finds an email as well please let me know.

I love you guys. Thanks for your help and support.

Bree Olson

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Back from The Sea of Cortez

Hey everyone! As much as I’ve missed my social media networks, texting and Internet it was wonderful to be away from it for a while. The company I kept was of course the best part of it all. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends! We stayed on a beautiful yacht and explored the Sea of Cortez and several of its uninhabited islands (well by people anyways) the beautiful creatures of the sea are amazing! We took out a smaller boat and went through all the caves and also went snorkeling in several areas.


There was an area of rocks that the sea lions had deemed theirs, they are so MASSIVE! It took the captain of the boat reassuring me several times that I was pretty safe to swim with them before I dove in. For them being such cute big fat asses, they are so graceful and beautiful underwater.

Sea Lions

I was very intimidated by their size at first but the more they swam around me and next to me it all became very peaceful and surreal. I can honestly say that it was one of best experiences of my entire life. I’ve never been scuba diving and hope to get my license soon then I’ll feel even more free to roam the sea. I just wanted to hug the sea lions. They are just so damn cute! Also in the cave we seen these amazing crabs. I am not kidding you when I say I seen a crab up on the ledge that was every color of the rainbow. He was so brightly colored and just perfect it looked like someone hand painted him! His stance on the ledge was hilarious too! He just had his crab legs all perfectly aligned and was facing straight towards us. He was like, ” Oh yeah I know… I’m the hot crab man! Lemme pose for the pictures!”

Riding The Wave Runner

I went riding on the wave runners every chance I got. Lemme tell ya, those things are a lot more challenging in the ocean than on a lake. These had massive TORQUE too! I was riding those waves though and I won! (considering I still have all my limbs and wasn’t swallowed by the ocean!) The thing went up to like 70mph although I was only brave enough to take it to 60. After all of the days on the yacht, which also included great vegan food (compliments of our chief), some girl on girl hot top action, laying out and just enjoying the ocean we jetted off to Cabo.

Lounging On The Yacht

I sat as co-pilot as usual, I love it up there! We had a great time witht the whole night scene at Cabo Wabo. It’s fun to watch other people drunk when you’re completely sober! Haha.

Well, I’m home now. About to purchase a cute new little Lexus, I’ll let ya know which one I get. Nothing too fancy, just something to get me from point A to point B.

I am laying in bed right now typing this on my phone and Dr.Sniffles is
curled up on top of me what a doll!

April made sure to it that I had crisp clean sheets to come home too. Ahh my own bed feels SO good! I LOVE flannel! It’s the most comfortable fabric in the world to me.

I’m back to hard core diet and exercise again. I’m going to eat nothing but raw fruits nuts and vegetables. Also run like crazy on the treadmill (it’s about time I use a gym I built in my house!) I’m 124 and my goal is 105. I will be there September 5th.

Well, that’s my life right now! The positives anyways. I won’t air my dirty laundry, just the clean ones

Kisses to you all!

Bree Olson

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Getting back to Blogging… :)

So I’ve decided to start blogging again. I can actually thank twitter and their 140 word count for frustrating me to the limit of writing blogs to get the message out that just can’t be explained in so little words.

I’m going to write about whatever is on my mind. Right now, my break up with my boyfriend is on my mind.

This has been my dating past:
A woman I dated for 4 years, from the time I was 15-19.
A guy I dated for 3 years, from the time I was 19-22.
Then there was my 1 year with a guy 22-23
And lastly the most unsuccessful relationship of all… my on again off again boyfriend over the past year 23-24.

No, the last one’s not Charlie. I don’t really count that one (not because I didn’t love him or it wasn’t real but it was lived in the public eye and I don’t want to relive it in my memories anymore) although everyone else in the world wants to.

So this last guy just really broke my heart… I am not going to get into too much detail of the actual relationship but I do want to share my feelings of the aftermath. I don’t even feel like I can love someone else right now. I have no desire to date let alone even have sex with another man, which as we all know is quite unusual for me.

Also from what you see above of my dating record I’ve never taken time off for me. As soon as I’m single there always seems to be the next suitor waiting around the corner for me. I think the reasons these relationships haven’t worked is because I allow myself to be with these people, and even fall in love with them, but I know in the back of my mind that it will most likely not work out. I, like many other women just don’t want to be alone. I yearn for a husband and children so badly but I now realize I have been going about this all the wrong way.

I have decided to take a year for myself. Not just for my career, but really for me as an individual. I want to take this time to discover and learn more about myself. I’m only 24 and I’m going to embrace that. When all is said and done and I finally do find the one, I believe that this year of embracing my individuality will highly contribute to any future relationships I have.

As many of you have heard me say lately… I’m going to live in the “here” and “now” and that happens to be me being single. I will work on coming to peace with this. It will obviously be a very new thing for me, but I will keep you all updated along my journey.

To all of my fans that have stuck by my side through thick and thin, thank you and I love you all so much. At times I feel like you’re all I have and you’re kind words here on the website and on twitter make me smile everyday. –Bree Olson

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Happy New Year!!

Hey guys,

Happy New Year! I know I’m a bit late, but things have been a bit busy in the land of Bree. Hehe. Today I find out if I won Miss Freeones…wish me luck! :)

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Very Nearly Christmas!

Hey guys,

Anyone who wants to send me a card or a Christmas present. this is my address

Bree Olson
PO Box 10471
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

If you don’t know what to get me, here are a few ideas.

My Wishlist!

Also, you voting for me at everyday until January
1st is a great present, as well! :)

Take care and Happy Holidays, everyone!!!



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Miss Freeones 2011

It’s that time of year again for the Miss Freeones contest. I need
your help to win! It’s all based on votes! Here’s what you have to do:

Log on to:
Create a username and password
And vote for me everyday until December 31st.

Thank you so much for your help and support! I appreciate you so much.

Bree Olson

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Check out my latest music video!

Be sure to check out this music video:

You might recognize a certain someone in the video.

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